Make moves that support your one WILD and precious life!

What if the path to your well-being focused on

pleasure, rather than punishment?

Are you ready to feel better?   No – really.


Are you ready to swap out diet plans for nourishing experiences?
To enjoy movement at a pace that makes your soul smile?
To make shifts in your work habits that reflect your needs, as well as the needs of the people you care for?
Are you ready to


shape a live that MOVES you?

Good. I’m glad we’ve found each other.


Speaker | Movement Expert | Health Coach 

Here, you’ll learn why putting meaning at the forefront of your health practices not only makes the the path to well-being more enjoyable, but also builds you a program that REALLY WORKS!


And just in case you’re thinking it’s all chocolate and dance parties from here on out…
You’re not totally wrong, but there is some work to be done to digest and release what we’ve been fed from the diet and fitness culture for decades.
The good news, is: I’m here to help!

My Programs Help You Create A Partnership

With Yourself That Helps You:


  • Resolve Pain

  • Enjoy Food Without Judgment Or Shame

  • Gain Movement Independence

  • Strengthen Joint Articulation

  • Support Your Lymphatic System

  • Adopt Simple Breathwork & Mindfulness Practices

  • Enjoy An “Anti-Fitspo” Approach To Workouts

  • Do Your Life With Joy, Enthusiasm and Pleasure

  • Gain Inspiration & Self-Trust

  • Use Movement As a Tool To Support Your Brain, Body and Being!


Enjoy a calm and concentrated environment where you’ll work each week to move through a progressive experience that builds skills, enhances your mood and helps you access a different way of moving for YOUR life! Classes are live streamed from my Chicago Studio space and can be attended live or via recording. You’ll receive weekly accountability, supplemental support tools and an experience that encourages you to move with enthusiasm – because we can! Online community spaces are included in each 6 week session.


Choose from Bounce, Mat-Based Movement, Pilates Equipment or FULL ACCESS to get your classes in on YOUR SCHEDULE! With monthly featured classes, an online community and new content dropping in regularly, you get to “outfit” yourself in the style, level and length of class you need!


I’m here to create experiences with your audience that help people discover deeper meaning and value surrounding their health and well-being.

Through storytelling, mindfulness techniques and interactive engagement, I provide motivating, thought-provoking talks that span the subjects of:

  • Personalizing Well-being Practices
  • Affirming Self-Worth
  • Parenting In The Entrepreneurial Space
  • The Value Of Meaning-Based Movement Practices

My talks help your group have a “moving” experience that will shift their energy and help them see greater possibilities for their work and presence in the world.


As a certified health coach I work with clients to help them develop a personalized definition of health for their lifestyle and implement nutrition and movement plans practices to support their overall well-being. 

As a veteran small business coach, I help entrepreneurs design niche businesses and offerings that match their professional strengths with a captive audience.  Brand clarity, marketing and launch strategy are all part of my services.  

Great start to my week, love playing with the ball – thanks Jenna!

Louisa Harris
Louisa Harris Pilates

Thanks JZ. I enjoyed this <3 Just what I needed to break up my current stagnation.

Brit Deveau
Deveau Wellness Haus

Jenna, this might be my favorite class ever. Thank you for providing the space and guidance for me to RELEASE this full moon morning! You’re the best! xoxo

Andrea Smith
Vero Pilates Long Beach

I love this class ! As always, it’s a beautiful journey ! Thank you Jenna !

Nathalie Courage

Seriously loved this class, and it helped open up my hips so wonderfully.

Cristin Fenzel

Amazing. Beautiful setting, beautiful class, felt so connected and calm. Lovely to do when the sky is so grey in the UK!

Rebecca Cockburn
Rebecca Cockburn Pilates

That was exactly what my stiff spine needed. Thank you for the “balm”.

Julia Molyboga
Brookdale Pilates

Thank you Jenna, the perfect return class after recovering from COVID – managed it better than I thought I would and loved the arm work.

JZ Studio Member

Love it ! Perfect… my body and soul had such a good time ! Thank you Jenna!

JZ Studio Member

Thank you so much for your inspiration in all you do, this month’s affirmation, etc you are amazing.

Christina Heldreth-Johnson
Studio Christina

Be In Great Company…

Additional Services

Whether it’s refining your movement, teaching or business practices, I’ve got you covered! Together, we’ll design a paradigm that helps you shape a life that moves you! 

My work is grounded in the belief that wellness as an individualized journey.  I am committed to providing a platform for support and education that helps amplify all bodies to celebrate a true expression of self through movement and wellness practices.

Read my EDI Statement and learn about the different ways I’m holding myself accountable to the work of equity, inclusivity and diversity in my business.

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