Before this weekend, my team and I had only worked together remotely online and in the beginning, I was truly skeptical about how it would work.  Just before I hired my project manager Brook, I had increased my workload from 4.5 days to 6 days. I reasoned I would pick up the slack while figuring out my next steps and would hire Brook to assist me in the transition for a few weeks.  I naively began to make the transition, confident that I could handle everything myself and worried that Brook wouldn’t have anything to do. I was mistaken.

Here’s the difference between hiring someone you train for the job and hiring someone for their expertise.  When you hire someone to help you who is more green to the workings of your business or business in general, you typically engage in learning to craft specific procedures and systems that serve the business’s needs right now.  With an expert like Brook, however, I not only received help with what needed to be done right now but quickly noted that each new system we were building was tactically being designed to support future offerings. In just a few months, I had let go of multiple services that I no longer needed, was expediting my tasks much faster and saw my bottom line begin to grow.

With the bases covered, I was free to create more.  Knowing that Brook had my back and was ready to support the tech, sales, and marketing of my program empowered me to go BIG.  Brook helped me launch multiple lead generation campaigns for my email list, developed supportive automations for my Teach From The Heart Tour, and helped throughout the successful launch of the Teach From The Heart Membership!

With each new level of growth came a need for more support.  Brook began to include members of her team into our meetings.  First, there was Sarah, (the tech dynamo) then Anna joined the team.  Soon, Sam will round us out to support me with the editing process of Pilates Unfiltered.  Each team member has their own unique gifts and supports me in different ways with my services.  It’s a total joy to know that they love their work of providing support as much as I love my work of creating programs!

This weekend was not a fancy trip, and definitely not a vacation.  We worked diligently from morning till night and then continued conversations over dinner and throughout the walk after.  It was not instagrammable – unless you count the part where the cat “Bootimous” showed off her stretching skills. But the behind-the-scenes work of growing a business rarely involves perfect flat-lays of appetizers and flowers.  Many times, it’s a bunch of folx who are there for a common cause that involves knocking out the work packages and deliverables.

I had to laugh because the team has formed a love/groan relationship with my work ethic.  On the one hand, I have a quick turnaround time for tasks and they appreciate that. On the other hand, quicker turnaround time typically means more work!  We definitely laughed along the way, but in truth, it was all business. We solidified ever-green messaging surrounding my offerings and created a full onboarding program for a new opportunity for wellness pros that I’ll be sharing with you soon.  I wrote so much content this weekend that my finger muscles fatigued!

Why am I sharing this with you? Two years ago, I couldn’t fathom having a team because my work was honestly not ready for one.  I had to get clear about my big goals as well as my small ones, my ultimate timeline for what I wanted to create and mostly – HUGELY – why I was doing all of this in the first place.  I want to be really clear with you that my team is exceptional, but just having them to meet with each month wouldn’t make sense unless I had my vision clearly defined. Because I’m clear about my work and where it’s headed, they get to show up and do their work better.  Not surprisingly, it goes back to one of my core beliefs that states “When you shine your light bright, it allows others to do the same.”

If this story inspires you to get your business into a place where you can hire additional support, you might want to consider working with me through Gem Seekers or individual coaching.  I know first-hand what it takes to solidify your vision and onboard a team that supports you through every step of the growth of your business. And if you’re ready for Brook and her team, shoot me an email – small business and entrepreneurship is definitely her thing! 


Much Love,


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