When you get the urge to move your cells, does it come from inspiration or obligation?  Does the dialogue in your head include “shoulds” or turn to external imperfections surrounding your weight, fitness level or body shape?  Don’t worry – it happens to all of us! 


As children’s, the impetus to move is born from the supernova of energy inside of us that requires expansion, discovery and life force in our bodies.  As adults, however, movement can often be resigned to another box on the checklist of health.  


Personally, it’s been a total passion project to transition my own movement practice from a place of external validation/box-checking towards a place of inner fulfillment.  The gifts have been abundant. With a change of focus, movement is fast becoming a form of my self-expression once again – the way it was when I was a child. Through exploring these elements in my own life, I’ve become aware of themes that can also support my clients in their experience.  As we peel back the layers of what we thought movement had to be in our lives, we discover what it can be – and the possibilities are beautiful.


During my upcoming retreat with Brent Anderson, we will explore a true return to life through unpacking our movement motivations.  By determining what movement really means to us as individuals, we will emerge with new motivation to move through our days with joy and discovery. 


I hope to see many of you at the retreat and in the meantime, to get the ball rolling on this process, ask yourself the following questions: 


  1.  What are the messages in my head that surround my current movement practice? 
  2. Do these messages serve a joyful experience? Or are they more inclined to spark judgment surrounding my movement practice?
  3. If I remove the message that does not serve a joyful experience, what is left over? What can I add to this dialogue to enhance my current outlook surrounding my practice?


Consider journaling for 10 minutes about the above.  By identifying the stories that no longer serve us, we can create a new dialogue.  If this process is speaking to you loud and clear, click the link below and join us in October at the Southwind Retreat Center.  This experience is sure to open your eyes to the possibilities that exist for movement in your life today and beyond!


Revising Your Movement Stories

October 7 – 10, 2019

Southwind Retreat Center

Click HERE to Register before September 7th and receive the Earlybird discount.

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