As I began to work on the lessons that had been revealed to me during a terrifying time of uncertainty, I started to think about the frequency with which my inner dialogue turned to self-doubt and critique.  I knew that to feel supported I had to begin to do something to change the track of my mind. I committed to a 40-day practice of affirmation and meditation from Gabby’s book, May Cause Miracles. 

Every day, on my way to the studio, I would play my “Positive Perception Playlist,” and repeat my affirmations.  I repeated these charged words of worthiness and purpose in the car, on the walk to the studio, before I opened the door, in my mind before I started class, during class if something became difficult to manage, and I even set my phone alarm for every hour on the hour to end my session and duck into the bathroom for a full minute of repeating things like: I am an accomplished teacher of movement. I deserve to feel supported. I am in service of something unstoppable. 

I knew that repeating these words was like repeating movements in the body.  The more focused and regular I was with my practice, the more my brain would be willing to form a new pathway.  I worked on that pathway every day and little by little, the voice in my head was able to offer an empowering perspective. In the event that my inner critic did show up, I now had created the space to choose a new thought and had an arsenal of positivity to choose from.  

I had begun to create space for myself to show up and people were noticing.  I hosted a webinar called “Become A Pilates Unicorn and Find Your True Voice!”  I know… I know… but I was empowered and I wanted others to know that it was possible to get out of the fear.  I began to see coaching clients on skype through my phone in the back alley behind my now smaller studio.  I sat next to the air conditioner unit and shared my wisdom with studio owners, teachers who felt lost like I had and new teachers who lacked confidence and direction.  That summer, I began to revisit the idea I had for a podcast where professionals shared their honest story about what it was like to be a Pilates Teacher – the triumphs and the struggles.  I launched Pilates Unfiltered on Labor Day 2016. 

I was still running my studio, seeing clients, and being a mother, but I was also dabbling into these Passion Projects that I knew were part of my purpose.  It was messy in that back alley and interviewing Madeline Black under the desk in my office, covered with Pilates mats to muffle the sound of an unexpected studio session was not my idea of perfect – not in the least! But I was doing it, making extra money and most importantly loving every minute.  I had learned from my continued work with Gabby to let it unfold slowly and imperfectly and the strategy was working. 

The next video in Gabby’s Training Series will address the elements that helped support me in the process of stepping into my own purpose.  In this video, Gabby shares:

  • Her proven process for making your purpose your profession
  • How to earn a living doing what you love
  • The 3 biggest blocks to your abundance ­ and 3 steps that will totally energize you and transform your money mindset!

These tools are exactly what guided me forward and I still use them in my business AND my life today. Click the link below to access and let me know how they serve your process!

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Access Gabby’s Second Training Video HERE 



I’m a proud affiliate of Gabby Bernstein’s Spirit Junkie Masterclass Digital Course. I love this course, and I believe in the mission behind the work. As an affiliate, I may earn a referral fee if you take the course from my recommendation.

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