The sentiment of “I want what she/he/they have” can be a powerful motivator in the drive for our success.  Often as Pilates teachers, we see someone who exudes confidence, fulfillment or happiness in their work and view that person’s process as something to model in our own career.  Adopting the path that another person has taken to reach their success can, in fact, help to set up a framework for your own future plans and may even provide us with some level of success.  However, if we are not conscious of our own intentions, we can find ourselves on a career path that does not support our personal gifts.

In this week’s post, we’ll ask and answer some distinct questions to help set up the framework of a career pathway that was built for us!

This week, I debuted a new installment of the Teacher’s Support Series for Pilates Style Magazine.  Watch this 9-minute video to kick off the first questions that will prep you for the next steps below.  Be sure to scroll beyond the video for this week’s “assignments.”



Question Recap:

  1. What are the unique gifts you bring to the table?
  2. Where do you find your inspiration for your work?
  3. What impact are you called to make with your work in the world?



  1. Use your answers to Question 1 to brainstorm some possibilities for where your gifts might be welcome and needed.  This can be inside of or outside of the Pilates world.  Remember, we are just brainstorming and if you do think of something that is so far outside of what you are doing right now, not to worry – it’s all just creative fuel for thought.
  2. Once you have a few thoughts down on paper, think about how these possibilities might be applied to the work you do right now.  For example: Perhaps you are a good communicator and have a wacky dream of being the host of a talk show.  Maybe that possibility could morph its way into hosting a podcast about Pilates…. just sayin’.


The point of this exercise is to get clear on the sorts of possibilities that light you up and make you excited about your work.  It may not be that you take action on them right away, but you may use them to weigh in on opportunities that come your way in the future or gather some insight into where your subconscious wants you to explore! 



  1. Use your answers to Question 2 to check in and ask yourself if the endeavors that you are currently partaking in are actually providing you with the inspiration you need in your professional role.
  2. How might you make simple moves to include more of what inspires you in your daily activities?
  3. How do you perceive that you might feel as a result of making these small, inspiring shifts?

Recognizing where we gather our inspiration from can help us align our decisions with opportunities that will fuel us rather than overwhelm us.  Use the answers to your questions to take an inventory of where you are right now and where you want to be in terms of inspiration.



1. Use your answers in Question 3 to consider how the endeavors that you are engaging with right now are helping you make the impact you intend to make.  Remember that impact doesn’t need to be enormous – it can simply be adding a smile to someone’s day.  In the event that your impact is simple, use this as a check in to see if everything is lining up as it should.

2. If your work is not leading you toward the impact you wish to make, what are some small shifts you can make in your perspective that might help open channels for this impact to occur? Example: Perhaps you wish to focus more on charitable outreaches through your work, however, you find that you are not being paid enough to offer your free time at present. This could be an opportunity to review some of the stories you tell yourself about the income that is possible for you to make.  When we understand our beliefs about compensation, we can better reframe them to fit our ultimate intentions for impact with our work. 


These questions are all presented from an opportunity to get personal with the situation that we’ve set up for ourselves in our work.  Whether you have consciously chosen the steps along the way or just followed the next opportunity that has come along, you deserve to be able to sit in the director’s seat of your career going forward. This may be an opportunity to discover a new way of viewing your work and where you might be called to share it.  Feel no need to make any swift changes today.  Simply gather information and look for signs and options that align better with your gifts, inspiration and the impact that you wish to make in the future! 

Thank you for reading and I hope this has served you well from a place of curiosity.  Asking myself these questions on the regular has allowed me to let go of situations that were no longer serve me and move towards those that were MADE for me.  I hope this begins a similar process for you as well!



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