I see the head tilts and questions:  Jenna – Why are you running an event about leadership for movement teachers? Why not an event that focuses on knee health or the pelvic floor?

Listen – the thing that sets me apart from many Movement Mentors is that I don’t have to see you teach to know that you are a great teacher.  I already know it.  And what’s more? I believe you are exactly where you need to be in your teaching skill-building journey.  I know you’re impatient and want to know all of the things RIGHT NOW.  I also know that the only way to get there is to keep teaching with curiosity.  But the other thing I know? The help you need is in finding your way through to vision, direction & confidence in the skills you have today, so that you can build on them tomorrow.  And there are 3 steps that you’re gonna have to take to get there:


Learn To Work With Your Inner Critic:


There is a belief that confidence crushes the critic. In fact, quite the opposite is true.  When you begin to make moves towards owning your confidence and standing in your power, your inner critic shows up like a gamer who’s had too much redbull.  They are ready to WIN and you will need to be prepared for battle, otherwise… (insert sad Super Mario Bros music here.)



Understand That Giving To Your Clients Is THE Vehicle To Personal Empowerment:

How does one thing relate to the other?  When you give to your clients, you do so from a place of true service.  It requires empathy and the ability to create and hold space for others.  Many movement pros will stop there and call it a day.  But the magic happens when you start to assess how the giving is received.  How it’s showing up in their lives and how YOU are a part of their bigger picture.  If you can do it for one, you can do it for many AND you can absolutely do it for yourself.  Giving exudes caring.  Caring leads to growth and growth will manifest as empowerment – IF you allow yourself to also be a recipient of the good stuff.



Identifying, Celebrating And Receiving Support From Your Work’s Assets:

I’m not talking about the equipment in your studio or the certifications on your wall.  This one is about actually acknowledging that you, yourself are an asset to the growth of your work and that your work is consistently developing more assets with each client engagement.  Maybe, you have an inspirational quote that clients read when they come to your space.  Maybe you share a playlist or a monthly class for your people.  Maybe you have a special way of connecting with your clients to ensure accountability each week.  These acts aren’t just part of your weekly agenda – they are the stuff of what makes your work valuable, beyond the training skillset you have. Knowing this helps to affirm that each day is working towards something that does provide impact and when you have evidence that your work is impactful, it will always motivate you to keep going and growing.


So often we think we have to be something or someone different then who we are in order to be a true leader.  I’m here to tell you echo Brene Brown and say Who you are is how you lead.  Isn’t that kind of refreshing? That you don’t need to change who you are in order to lead your clients, studios, families and communities? Fostering a world of individualized teachers who lead from their heart is part of my vision and I think it’s a pretty great vision!


If you’re curious about the next steps, I invite you to join myself, Kira Lamb, Martin Reid and James Crader at Brink Quarterly on March 27th. Together, we’ll work to create the pathway for your work that makes leadership in all it’s forms simple and accessible!


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