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MARCH 2021

MARCH 2021

 "Movement is a Truth Teller" This month we are exploring the signals that our movement offers to us.  We'll dive into moving reflection through a class that remembers movement from TFTH past classes, listen to all of the ways our body works as an ecosystem and...

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 "I Move My Body To Lift My Spirits" This month we are viewing our movement practice as a tool to help bridge the gap between change and progress.  Change has no doubt been a major theme of the past year. However, many of us have felt like we are just continually...

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Realizing That Leadership Works Best As A Group Project

Realizing That Leadership Works Best As A Group Project

As the owner of a small, yet successful Pilates studio in Chicago, I viewed my staff like a second family.  However, when I decided to double the size of my space, I knew that stepping in to the role of business owner and away from the role of friend and mentor wasn’t...

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The Dance Of The Client / Teacher Partnership

The Dance Of The Client / Teacher Partnership

When I first learned about Ron Fletcher’s Rolodex, I was intrigued.  In its hay-day, The Ron Fletcher Studio For Body Contrology was THE studio to see and be seen at in Beverly Hills.  People like Nancy Reagan, Ali MacGraw and Candice Bergen were regularly seen...

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5 Tips To Help You Start Exercising Again

5 Tips To Help You Start Exercising Again

It happens to the best of us. Whether it's over-scheduling, unexpected work/parenting issues, or just the post traumatic stress of 2020... It's common to have great intentions for starting an exercise routine only to have life and mental blocks get in the way.  The...

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 "I Will Choose My Own Adventure" New year, new outlook! Please know that this month's affirmation is a permission slip to use ALL of the lessons learned in 2020 to inform the choices we do have moving forward.  We may not be able to choose our circumstances, but we...

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