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Rewrite The Narrative

Movement Is A Truth Teller

I Move My Body To Lift My Spirit

I Will Choose My Own Adventure

This Or Something Better

I Am Supported

I Move My Body With A Flexible Mind

I Move To Meet This Moment

I Breathe Deeply Into The Unlearning

Keep Going

We Rise By Lifting Others

I Move Myself To Ride The Waves Of Change

I Am Resilient

Transitions Are A Valuable Part Of My Evolution

We Rise By Lifting Others

My Teaching Creates Warmth From The Inside Out

I Honor The Roots Of My Practice & Reflect On My Personal Growth

My Movement Practice Is An Evolution, Not A Destination

I Create Happy and Healthy Experiences Through My Teaching

My Personal Practice Adds Value To My Teaching

I Am Allowed To Change My Mind

I View My Challenges As Learning Opportunities

I Am Patient With My Process.

The Work That I Teach Matters

I am willing to explore my identity as a teacher

and allow my true self to shine.

This is What Comes With It.

I Teach As An Expression Of Who I Am & What I’ve Learned.

I Am Exactly Where I’m Supposed To Be.