are you thriving? Or simply surviving?

In my experience, Pilates Teachers tend to carry a certain level of guilt surrounding wanting more from their career.


After all, aren’t we doing Pilates all day long?


Helping people to move better?


Aren’t we living the dream?
Whether you are crunching numbers behind a desk or teaching roll-ups,
it’s not uncommon to experience a point in your work where you ask
“How long can I continue like this?”
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Jenna Zaffino is a seasoned Pilates expert and passionate entrepreneur with two decades under her belt as a movement educator. She served as the Pilates Coordinator for Fitness Formula Clubs and instituted Pilates programming across the city of Chicago from 2002 – 2006. In the decade following, she owned and operated Helios Center For Movement, a Pilates studio and teacher training center, which she sold in 2017. Jenna also served as faculty for Fletcher Pilates® International, leading training for teachers across the globe. She has presented at venues such as the Pilates Method Alliance Annual Meeting, Pilates On Tour, Athleta, NYC, American Bone Health Events, Bright Pink Fab Fest, Fletcher Pilates® Conference, The Live Life Motherhood Conference and Momentum Fest.


Jenna is a regular on Pilates Anytime, with over 20 classes on the site and in 2016, she parlayed her passion into producing her wildly popular podcast, Pilates Unfiltered™ She now operates her practice out of her sanctuary space in Chicago, where she sees a small group of private clientele, offers career coaching for Pilates professionals and creates online course content for continuing education that supports the role of the movement teacher. It is Jenna ’s mission to facilitate a process that brings personal meaning to one’s movement practice and supports them in the life that happens beyond the studio.

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