Movement | Laughter | Community

July 16th, 2022

Join Max, John and the Zaffino Family for a wellness experience reminding us that in movement and life, when we care for ourselves, we can better support each other! 

Please fill out the liability form below to confirm your attendance. Then, keep scrolling for our agenda and a few “extras” to get your juices flowing! We look forward to moving with you! 

The 2021 Highlight Reel

Streamland Retreat 2022 Waiver


9:00 –  Welcome + Intention Setting
9:30 – Mobility + Brain Games Session
10:00  – Community Workout

Partner Circuit


Carry Competition

Potato Sack Races

Wheelbarrow Relay

Tug Of War

12:00 – Snacktime & Challenges With Jax
12:30 – Water Workout + Dive Contest
1:30 – Lunch + Recovery
4:00 – Closing Practice


Josh and Jenna are offering a limited number of Small Group Personal Training/Pilates Sessions on Sunday, June 17th.
Book available times below:
8am – Group Training With Josh
9am – Morning Stretch With Jenna (Group)
9:15 Group Training With Josh

The Mindfulness Library

Pilates With Jenna

Relive the memories of Pilates In The Barn With Jenna. Click The Image To View 

Restorative Movement

Revisit the feelings of loose joints, fluid movement and “keeping up” through this restorative movement session.

Bonus Classes: 

Meditate With Jenna 

In this meditation practice, we work with a theme of slow hands to incorporate awareness and articulation of the joints as we drop into a calming practice. 

Pilates Mat Practice

Move through a full Pilates Mat Practice, complete with modifications and progressions.  This is a class from the JZ Studio Movement Subscription.  Find out more HERE. 

Workout With Josh and Jaxon

Join the “dream team” as they bring you through a 27 minute circuit-based workout (in our basement- LOL!) Stay tuned for an updated workout with Josh that builds upon our experience at Streamland!