Real Talk: Re-entry to regular life after a long trip can be challenging for even the most seasoned of travelers.  The biggest challenge I face is finding my way back into my movement and teaching routine in a way that feels welcome and not forced.

Here are the strategies I’m using this week.  I hope they serve us both!



I’ve been simply giving myself a pass on getting up early and allowing more sleep to happen.  Ariana Huffington says “Sleep IS self-care.” and I agree.  I figure if I can get my rest rhythms back, then my movement rhythms will require less effort.


Nourishing Movement

I know that if I jump back into my practice without the acknowledgment of what my body has experienced while traveling, I will start an internal rebellion.  Therefore, I turn to a nourishing sequence that has no expectation except to get the cells vibrating.  My sequence changes from season to season, however, you can experience a similar sequence with my “Bridging The Gap” class on Pilates Anytime HERE.  

Use code ZAFFINO to take the class for free as part of a 30-day trial.




Normally, the winter season provides a distinct roadblock to my hydration habits, even though I know it’s when I need it the most.  Couple that with travel and I’m in trouble.  I find that flavoring my H2O with electrolyte tabs helps a ton.  I also use a measured water bottle and play a little game with myself to see if I can empty and refill it during each 2 hr period.  I know that when my body is hydrated, I’m more willing to do almost everything.  A little self-encouragement goes a long way.



I’ve been upping my access to inspiring elements this week.  Music, podcasts, books, writing and yes, I’m even making a vision board.  I’m choosing to give myself some direction for the next few weeks and shift the energy away from the less motivated state that I’m experiencing and towards the state that I wish to embody.  When I look around, I find I’m surrounded by tools.  All I need to do is use them.  If you’re in need of some extra inspiration that’s specifically designed to support your teaching, check out my Teach From The Heart Monthly Membership.  It’s got all of my best strategies and is designed to lift your energy way up to help you teach your best work.



The most important element that I can practice with myself is forgiveness for what I’m not able to achieve.  Forcing doesn’t empower my practice.  Sure, a little nudging can help tremendously, but I know that gaining motivation for my teaching comes from a joyful movement practice and not one that is forced.  I begin by reminding myself that I’m setting the stage for a solid teaching game by moving myself.  If a session doesn’t go as planned, if my head isn’t in the game or if I just can’t find the get-up and go, I forgive myself and ask my body and mind what they need right now.  The answer is almost always more resting and I choose to listen.  When I listen and attend to my own needs, I am able to do the same for others.


I hope these strategies offer you some access points to remember the elements that you need to get back into the flow of teaching.  Whether you’ve been knocked out by travel, time changes or simply life, the way out doesn’t need to involve a mystery.  Look towards the tools you have in front of you and ask your body and mind what they need.  The answers will provide access.

Oh – and it’s more than ok to fall off the Pilates wagon from time to time – it means you’re human!


Much love,


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