Am I the only one who’s getting stressed out with the reminders that there are only 58 days till the end of the year and not only that, THE DECADE!!! 

(Insert ominous music here….) 

How will you make them count? 
How will YOU make them count? 
How will you MAKE them COUNT???

Auggghhh!!!! The PRESSURE! Ok – let’s take a deep breath together.   That’s better.  Here’s the thing, friends.  Your year and your decade do not need to be defined by the last few days.  I’m willing to bet that you’ve accomplished more than you thought you would.  And even if you have a few lingering items on that goal-setting list, all is not lost – I promise.   My coach, bad-ass businesswoman Rha Goddess (Get Her New Book HERE) defines a goal as: 

The object of a person’s ambition or effort that has been 
defined as an aim or the desired result.

The operative word in that sentence is “DEFINED.”  When is the last time you sat down to truly get down and dirty with the specificity of what you wanted to achieve in your work or business?  When was the last time you set “by when” dates or established milestones and celebrations in accordance with your goals?  Many of us have seen this end-of-decade reminder and started to scramble in an effort to do SOMETHING that might feel like a goal so we can feel like we made an effort.  Without aim or definition, the effort is just another way of using busy-ness as a distraction tool.  

It’s time we get truly clear on what we want to accomplish – not only over the next few days but over the first year of the next decade.  We’ve got to get intimate with our goals.  Uncover how you expect to feel as a result of reaching them.  Recognize what supports them and what distracts us.  Understand how they align with our life and what we might have to compromise in order to achieve them.  And finally, consider what we can do right now – today – as well as how we’ll stay in attendance to them as time goes on.  

Seems like a lot of work, right?  Luckily, I’ve got your back.  Click the link below to download a worksheet that will help you gain clarity about your goals.  Perhaps there is something you can achieve in your realm right now that is actually more in reach than you thought? Perhaps there is a goal just waiting to be defined for next year.  No matter what, remember that the pressure typically comes from a place of “should.”  And as the saying goes “When you are ‘should-ing’ all over yourself, all you end up with is a mess!”  Instead of the “shoulds” try working with the “wills.”  I WILL start my new class! I WILL receive 5 new clients! I WILL launch my course!  I WILL eat more greens!   No matter what your goal is, being actively engaged with it as an expectation of what you are capable of, rather than something you “should” do will always lead to more action towards that goal.  

Enjoy the worksheet this month and let me know how you got on with it in the comments on the webpage.

Much Love,



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