I had been leading teacher training programs for a little over two years when I began to get the sense that the students were missing something.  It was clear that they knew the exercises, how to cue them and also how to make corrections.  They were saying all of the “right words,” but maybe that was it.  Maybe the “right words” weren’t quite enough?

During one of the training weeks of our program, a colleague came to help me adjudicate the mid-term teaching exams. As we sat on a break, we wondered what we could offer to the teachers that would help bring ease into their teaching and give them the space to be present.  We reviewed our thoughts and some of the strategies that we used when teaching and came up with a list of “energetic strategies” to help teachers access a state that would help them teach kindly, compassionately, and with CONFIDENCE.

I came across this list recently and found it to be still so relevant to my own teaching, so naturally, I wanted to share it with you! Click the link below to watch the Instagram Live lecture where I share this list and answer some questions from teachers about working with challenges in the group class setting.

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My mission as an educator is to provide support to movement teachers to help them step into their confidence, and teach from the heart.  Because beyond function, tone and ability, isn’t that what it’s really about?


Much love to you for the week ahead!

xo Jenna


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