Move with Jenna through a progressive series that will help you build support strategies through your entire inner unit (core.  We’ll focus on breathwork, mobility, stretch and strengthen series and real-life strategies to use in your day to day activities.

Program includes:

  • A Weekly, 50 min, Seated/Mat/Mindfulness Class
  • 9 Week Access To The Library Of All Classes In the Series
  • Progressions To Support Your Back  Through Exercises and Day-To-Day Activities
  • A Fun, Encouraging Atmosphere With Lots Of Options For Many Levels
  • A Gentle, Yet Challenging Series That Builds Each Week
  • Access To Online Community Group For Discussion & Connection
  • Access To JZ Studio Pop Up Library

Classes meet live on Mondays at 10am CT/ 11am ET – Live attendance is not mandatory.  Replay will be up immediately following class.