JZ Dezigns specializes in handmade, concrete decorative homewares.  Each piece is individually designed, crafted and waterprooofed for long-lasting enjoyment.  Due to the nature of concrete, color variations and air bubbles can occur.  For custom orders, please contact team@jennazaffino.com.

You’ll find collections and single pieces below.  Shipping is limited to USA.  We hope to ship overseas starting in January 2022.  Enjoy shopping!

Much Love,

Jenna Zaffino, Artist


Additional Products Created By Jenna


This ingenious, easy-to-use kit transforms your two rollers into a powerful tool that delivers support, feedback, and stability and balance challenges.

Created by Pilates educator Jenna Zaffino and developed in collaboration with Balanced Body®, the Duet™ Roller Accessory System securely tethers your two rollers together to create a unique surface on which to perform supine, prone, seated and sidelying exercises.

  • Provides valuable bilateral feedback that helps you or your client gain awareness and self-correct more accurately.
  • Adds a myofascial release element to spinal articulation exercises like Roll Up and Roll Down.
  • Intensifies the stability challenge of familiar Pilates exercises like Spine Stretch, Saw and sidelying work.

The custom-molded headrest provides comfortable support for both supine and prone exercises, and also cushions the thigh or ribcage during sidelying work.

Duet™ includes a strong, durable strap to tether your rollers in two basic configurations, an easy-to-clean headrest, a storage pouch and an instructional booklet to get you started. (Rollers not included.)

Horatio Moves

Written By Jenna Zaffino
Illustrations By Daniel Warren Johnson

Horatio Moves is a coming of age story about a young dog who is adopted into a Pilates studio to find his true purpose: to move from the heart!

Book Description:

Alone and scared, Horatio knows that shelter life isn’t the right place for him and he longs to feel a sense of purpose. One day, a kind lady with a special cause shows up to change his world forever. Adopted into the Pilates studio, Horatio studies and learns the fine art of movement. His popularity with the neighborhood children soon earns him the recognition that allows him to lead his own classes.

Throughout the seasons, Horatio discovers new talents and ways of movement that reveal his true purpose: to move from the heart and share the joy of moving with others! With dynamic illustrations of our friends’ journey to find himself through the world of Pilates, Horatio Moves! is the perfect gift for any Pilates enthusiast, parent or child. Recommended for Ages 5 – ALIVE!