I believe that expanding the reach of the Pilates Professional is an inside job. As such, for 2018, I’ve chosen to explore the theme: “Honor The Role Of The Teacher.” What is your professional theme for the upcoming year?

The guiding principles I will use to explore this theme are:


What does this mean exactly?

To me, “Take The Profession Seriously” means thinking of my job as being just as important as any other health or wellness professional’s. It also means to stop waiting for others to do this for me. It means walking the walk and talking the talk AND moving the moves. It means respecting my role, without ego, as a catalyst for transformation in someone’s life.

To own my worth requires that I take my profession seriously. It means valuing myself as well as my skills. It’s the understanding that when I take care of myself, I am better equipped to care for others and that these two things are not mutually exclusive.

Getting out of the inner circle is a tough-y. The inner circle is where we breed comfort and community and right now, my circle is strong and tightly knit. The thing is, stepping outside of the comfort zone doesn’t mean that I have to obliterate the zone all together. What it actually means is that I open the space for more “zone dwellers” to come into the fold. We rise up by lifting others.

The work that is happening in my head is fueled from my heart, which is exactly how I like it to be. I hope you’ll join me in 2018 for this expansive and bumpy journey to progress. Because together, we’re better.

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