Perspective Is Everything - Jenna Zaffino

Perspective Is Everything

I’ve become a free online course junkie. There, I said it. Promise me you’ll teach me a new skill in 5 steps? I’m in. Tell me that you can take my business to the next level? Done.
In truth, I do it all in the name of research. As an entrepreneur who has expanded her offerings into the online market, I’m always curious to learn from others who are doing it too! Sometimes, I learn what I don’t like. Sometimes, I learn so much that I’ll pay for the next course. A few days ago, however, I learned a real lesson in the power of persuasive marketing.
I was listening to a course that I had opted in for and was excited about “taking my income to the next level.” Attentive, I started listening to all of the ways that I could take my income from X to Z. In the middle of writing down a strategy, I suddenly realized that I was ALREADY making the income that was being promised through this course – I started laughing out loud and thought “Whoa! She got me!”
You see, with an absence of perspective, I easily slipped into a mentality of scarcity and lack. Because I was convincingly being offered a solution to a problem, I actually believed that I had that problem.
This episode led me to reflect on the way that I’ve seen clients walk in to their session with a self-diagnosed “bad shoulder” or a “bum knee.” When asked to do exercises that focused on those affected areas, fear, doubt and limited movement were present. At times, I believed that their movement program would be limited too. However, watching them complete tasks like putting a coat on or walking down the hall into the studio, gave me the perspective I needed to realize that their “labelled limbs” were possibly just that. Just like I was already making the income that I was being promised through my course, they had more of a movement program available than the labels on their body were being given credit for.
Perspective is everything. The ability to see things through multiple lenses offers us the information necessary to navigate our next steps as teachers, professionals and humans. What strategies do you use to gain perspective?





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