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I know what it’s like to love the work you do but at the same time, feel like something is missing.

Not charging what we are worth for our services, forgoing our own practices to take on more clients and feeling overwhelmed are all symptoms of a career that’s fallen out of alignment with our own health and wellness needs.


But it doesn’t have to be this way!

I’ve helped hundreds of fitness professionals and wellness entrepreneurs become bold with their mission and refine their professional practices to grow successful businesses that serve their clients without sacrificing their souls.

Each months theme somehow managed to uncover a belief, a block, or provide inspiration to move me one step closer. Even on weeks when I felt like life was too busy for anything else, making time to be live on the call was a giant reset for myself. Insights from each week provided data, inspiration, and comfort. I have more clarity, purpose, confidence, and drive in my teaching, my business, and my personal life because of these last 6 months. I’ve left with connections within my Pilates community that I can return to forever. The support and community this program can provide is something we all deserve and need.

Becky Everhart

The tools and techniques gained in the Gemseekers program provide guidance for all aspects of life.  The encouragement offered by fellow Gemseekers and Jenna is extremely valuable and allowed me to participate in a non-judgmental way.

Evelyn O'Donoghue

Frustration and lack of guidance in the Pilates world led me to Jenna and Gemseekers.  I wanted to observe, learn from my peers and receive guidance with valuable tools and techniques in dealing with day to day challenges of being a Pilates instructor.

Evelyn O'Donoghue

I thoroughly enjoyed participating in Gemseekers.  The quality advice offered by Jenna from week to week always seemed on-point with my own energy/emotions at that time.  The guest presenters added an additional twist and depth of specialist knowledge that was thought-provoking and valuable for many areas of my life.

Evelyn O'Donoghue

“Sometimes our ideas seem simple, but to have the feedback and support from others, allows us to see an even bigger picture, or helps us to organize in a way we may not have thought of prior to discussions. The Passion Project was perfect to address my goals and develop the support of a team.”

Founder, Meant to Move Pilates

Be In Great Company…


Entrepreneural Coaching

Just hustling isn’t enough.  

I’m here to help you design a successful and fulfilling business that delivers on the promises that your services offer without sacrificing your self in the process. 

Movement Teacher


Ignite your teaching, connect with a supportive community and expand your creative processes with a library of offerings that are here to support your unique teaching voice.

Pilates Unfiltered Podcast

A Podcast For Pilates People, By Pilates People.

Join us for spirited discussions about Pilates culture with industry leaders and hidden gems. Time to laugh, challenge, reflect, and hear the pulse of the Pilates community!


Check Out The Podcast

Moving Experiences Podcast

A show for movement enthusiasts, passionate entrepreneurs and human beings who simply need a little inspiration in their ears.  Our episodes share the stories of people who have created movements in their mindset, body and/or businesses.


Check Out The Podcast


Keynote Speaker

I create audience experiences that empower individuals to embrace their individuality as a priceless asset in their life and business. 

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