To teach is to learn twice.
-Joseph Joubert

What is Your Pilates Purpose?

Wondering what direction to take your career?
Reach Beyond

Move with me through inspirational educational offerings that marry movement experiences with teaching strategies – all in one class! The masterclass series offers workshop-like classes that provide food for your teaching soul. Each session is created with the hungry teacher in mind! Be sure to continually check back in as more classes are added!

Common Ground New

Blossom Leilani-Crawford joins Jenna in this unique offering. The duo share their experiences working with First Generation Teachers Kathy Grant and Ron Fletcher through stories, conversation and some of their favorite variations of the same exercises.

Ped-i-pul Perspectives (1)

Approach the Ped-i-Pull through a new lens and learn the multiple applications for assessment, awareness and articulation through this curated movement experience.

Eat Your Veggies

We all experience parts of the method that we know are good for us, but tend to avoid for the “sweeter” pieces. In the first of this series, Jenna teaches a considerate approach to addressing some of her “veggies” on the chair, including pikes, teasers and step ups.

Creative Mat Transitions (2)

Learn an easy-to-remember organizational thought process to help you create smooth transitions in your mat classes that lead to memorable learning experiences for your students.

Reach Beyond
Continuing Education

I wholeheartedly believe that we are all doing great work. My job as an educator is to recognize the strengths of the professionals in front of me and use the tools I’ve learned along with the experience I have to facilitate a process of growth and inspiration. My coursework focuses on alignment between personal values, professional endeavors and of course, our bodies! Through addressing the subjects of movement, mindfulness, vulnerability, authenticity and self-support, I am able to help professionals reach beyond what they believed was possible. Take a look at my course offerings below. I hope to work with you when the time is right!


Teach Happy helps you to create nourishing shifts in the way you support your work as a movement teacher and…


Teach From The Heart is a multi-series program for movement teachers that infuses motivation, movement, meditation and writing exercises into…


For the mover in all of us! This series guides participants through a movement program that sets the foundation for…


The masterclass series marries movement experiences with teaching strategies through Jenna-inspired, workshop-like classes that provide food for your teaching soul.

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Upcoming Live Events

Teach From The Heart |Vero Pilates| Long Beach, CA

February 9 -10

A Weekend Immersion With Jenna, Wellington, NZ

March 15 – 17

Teach From the Heart | Pure Pilates | New Providence, NJ

March 30-31

Teach From The Heart | Move Wellness | Ann Arbor, MI

May 4 -5


Teach From The Heart | Jenna’s Sanctuary | Chicago, IL

June 8-9


Pure Movement Summit| Aero Joe Pilates | Birmingham, AL

June 28-30

Registration coming soon!

Teach From The Heart | Washington Ave Pilates | Houston, TX

September 29-30

Registration coming soon! 

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