The Details: 
A Moving Experience With Jenna Zaffino
October 23, 2019
7:00pm – 8:30pm

(Class is 90 minutes long. Light refreshments will be served after class)

6 West 14th Street 2B, New York, NY 10011
All Levels Welcome
Cost Per Person: $65

What Is A Moving Experience?

A Moving Experience is a movement class that incorporates inquiry, meditation, movement and journaling to help you shift from where you are to where you desire to be in your relationship with yourself.


Will I sweat? 

While the class does not constitute a “high-impact” experience, you will be moving through repetitive sequences or movement mantras to help you find release and relief.  Be prepared to move.


Who is this class for? 

A moving experience is for anyone who feels stuck in their life or in their relationship with themselves.  It’s for those who seek clarity surrounding their identity and next steps towards self-empowerment.  It is also for those who are curious about a mindful approach to movement that is not defined as Pilates or Yoga.


What if I can’t meditate? 

The meditations you will experience in this class involve active focal points and are guided by Jenna.  You will be directed through each layer of the meditations, which are shorter in duration, to ensure a presence of mind and concentration for the beginner meditator as well as the guru.


Do I need to bring a journal? 

As part of this experience, a journal will be provided for you, however if you have a journal that you love, you are welcome to bring it to class.


What if I have “feelings” during the event? 

Jenna’s classes have gained a reputation for providing an access point for emotional release.  Sometimes this is felt physically and sometimes participants do shed tears.  This is a natural human response to any experience that moves you from the inside/out and is welcome in this space.

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