A few years ago, I was standing in a robe in the mammography office, getting ready to undergo a biopsy. I looked at my reflection in the mirror and said “If this is cancer, I’m gonna make some major changes in my lifestyle.” As the words left my mouth, I caught my breath and thought: “Jenna, why are you waiting for cancer to give you the push to make these changes?”

Reading this makes me laugh. The stories and conditions we can set up for ourselves are sometimes unbelievable. At that moment, I knew shifts would be uncomfortable and as the mom of a one year old at the time, I just didn’t want anymore discomfort. I also knew that in order to make external shifts, I had some internal work to do regarding my feelings about infertility, my business and myself. I had been putting my health on a shelf and the question now was: “Will I wait until something goes wrong to choose to take care of myself? Or will I start today?” The answer was clear: If you work through the discomfort, you’ll create a better internal condition.

This past Monday, I received a clear screening. Whether it has to do with my lifestyle changes or not, knowing that I have done the best I can to care for myself prepared me for whatever outcome the tests would reveal. The gift of self-care for mind, body and spirit is resilience. There are no guarantees and the practice is less about controlling or avoiding discomfort and more about navigating through the storms that life can bring. This holiday, I wish you the awareness, support and resilience you deserve to navigate through 2018 with a life that shines from the inside out!

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