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The Life Moves Library

When You Can’t Get Out Of Bed

In the first installment of the Life Moves Series, we explore a moving sequence that is designed to help us connect with our bodies and transition from a place of fatigue to one of readiness.

When You Feel Like It’s Never Going To Happen For You

In this class of the Life Moves Series, we use meditation to help us explore the feelings of fear, envy, comparison and worry about something that you desire, but believe it will never happen for you. 

When You’re Recovering From A Cold 

In this class of the Life Moves Series, we explore a breathing exercises to help calm the sinuses and invite more breath into your body.  We also move through a gentle floor sequence to help you feel more connected to movement.  This class is intended to bridge the gap between being ill and getting back into your regular life pace.  It is not to be used as a replacement for medical care.  If you are having frequent or significant breathing challenges, please seek the advice of a medical professional.