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October 18th – LIFT- 10am CST

October 21st – Cadillac/Tower 10am CST

Move With Joy, Rather Than Shame
Focus on How You Want To Feel, Rather Than What You Think You Need To Look Like
Work For Self-Appreciation, Rather Than Self-Critique


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i believe:

As your teacher – whether online or in-person, it’s important that you feel acknowledged as an important focus in this experience.  When I am speaking through out class, know that, even if I don’t know you personally, I’m teaching for you. 

I’m driven by the challenge of creating helpful sequences that progress you towards a challenge with ease.  I believe in demystifying movement for you.  Thus, you can expect the complexities to stay in the laboratory of my brain-space, which keeps your experience simple, effective and FUN! 

My goal each week is to provide you with low-impact, accessible movement experiences that not only help you feel capable in in your movement practice, but more importantly, your LIFE! 

In all of my classes, you can expect to be regularly invited to make choices that work for your practice as well as your energy level for that day. Remember that this is YOUR practice and I’m simply here to coach you through it.   

Learn more about my class types below.  Choose your favorites and consider stepping outside of your comfort zone every so often to try something new! 


class types:

BOUNCE – Enjoy a low-impact, high output practice that helps condition your immune system while putting a smile on your face. These classes require a rebounder/trampoline and are the perfect compliment to any conditioning practice. *a weekly staple of JZ Studio

FLOW – My signature, Pilates-based class that incorporates movement exploration with innovative sequencing and yes, all of the core work that your little heart desires! *a monthly offering – check schedule for up-to-date info

LIFT – Weights. Of all sizes. Used in sequences that help you lift stuff better. Period. *a monthly offering of JZ Studio

PLAY – A small-props class (Stability Ball, Small Ball, Foam Roller, & More) that approaches movement from a place of joy and curiosity. *special offering – check schedule for up-to-date info

PILATES EQUIPMENT CLASSES – Move with the large Pilates Apparatus (Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair and Barrels) to serve your body and stimulate your mind. All classes carry a theme and will include repertoire from both the classical and contemporary Pilates syllabus. *a weekly offering – check schedule for up-to-date info & equipment requirements for class 


cabaple energy levels:

What’s my level? 

As someone who lives with an auto-immune condition (and a six-year old!) I understand the need to temper your movement practice to the energy you have THAT day.  I believe we are all capable of moving every day – even if that movement is simply a deep breath. That’s why I’ve designed your classes to be leveled based the energy output needed to engage with the class material, rather than your ability.

I want you to experience it all and while some classes may be more suited to your movement needs in this moment, consider this your open invitation to try new classes when your “cape” calls you towards curiosity.

All classes are low-impact, endurance-based experiences that are designed to work you towards the edge of your ability and show you the lengths of your capabilities.  You’ll see the level listed on the thumbnail of the class as well as in the weekly calendar above.  (hint: look for the capes!)

Low-Cape Classes:  These classes are a kind series that will challenge you to nourish your body without putting you over the edge.
Medium-Cape Classes:These classes help you get your movement practice in without going “full out.”
High-Cape  Classes: These classes are for your “up” days and will leave you feeling high and centered.

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