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Have you ever wished you could have a professional mentor on speed dial that could help you strategize your next steps, finish that project or simply be there as a sounding board to help you with a tough decision?  Kind of like having a coach in your pocket? 

Well, I’ve got good news –  NOW YOU CAN! 

“JZ In My Pocket” allows you to have access to my brain & resources to offer a full day of behind-the-scenes support to help you make the moves you’ve been working towards in your business & career. 



 ““JZ In My Pocket” Includes : 

A Full or 1/2 Day of Access To JZ Via Signal App

 Processing & Problem Solving Via Voice & Text 

Access To Resource Library 

Homework & Accountability Assignments 

Here’s How It Works: 

1. Choose 1/2 Day or Full Day of “JZIP”

2. Register For Your Preferred Date

3. You’ll Receive A Short, Preliminary Q&A To Get Us Synced Up

4. Download The Signal App on Your Smartphone & Send me an email to confirm.

5. I’ll Connect With You On Signal & We’ll Be Ready For Our Big Day! 

On the day of our JZIP Experience, I’ll reach out first thing in the morning to get the ball rolling.  I’ll have prompts as well as resources that might be helpful at the ready for you and will be ready to respond to your questions.  I’ll check in at least once per hour, if not more frequently, & help you through the process of gaining clarity surrounding your questions and organizing the next steps to get the ball rolling.

Book 1/2 or Full Day Sessions

Topics for our day range from organizing the launch of a new program, pricing your services, managing staff, career strategies, online business questions and teaching/client questions. The best part is that we’ll curate the focus based on your individualized needs.

Read below for more info on cost and booking or reach out to me directly at coachjz@jennazaffino.com. I look forward to being your behind-the-scenes resource & support you in your work! 

xo Jenna 



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