JZ Studio Sampler BETA - Jenna Zaffino

Hello “Beta Testers!”

Thank you for taking the time to move with me and share your feedback.  JZ Studio is a culmination of my teaching skills + my personal movement philosophy which is: 

I believe you are inherently capable of having a personalized, nourishing experience with movement.  Some days breathing is all we will accomplish. Other days there will be more.  Everything counts.  Through learning to tune in to our own inner guidance – the deep knowing of exactly how we meet our needs on any given day – we infuse willingness, courage and curiosity into our movement practices.  These elements, coupled with a a fun, encouraging environment are the determining factors in any transformative process. Together, we will create the paradigm that helps you make empowered choices for your body AND your life.    


By participating in this program, you are helping me align my philosophy with my offerings.  Please be generous and honest with your feedback. I am truly grateful for your time.

Read below for directions on how to participate in the Beta Tester Program and thank you for being here! 


Much Love, 





  1. Read The Descriptions Of Each Class Type Below
  2. Choose A Class(es) That Best Meet Your Needs/Interest 
  3. Make The Class Screen Larger By Clicking on the Four Arrows On The Toolbar of the Video
  4. Take Class With A Student’s Mindset
  5. Immediately After Completing The Class, Click The Button Below For The Survey Link 
  6. Fill Out A New Survey For Each Class You Participate In
  7. Please complete your Beta Experience and Fill Out Your Surveys By 9/15/20 

Class Types:



A seated and/or standing class for all bodies & ability levels that includes mobility, support and resistance training.


A small-props class (Stability Ball, Small Ball, Foam Roller, & More) that approaches movement from a place of joy and experimentation.


A mindfulness-based class where creative meditation & movement are the themes.


My signature, Pilates-based class that incorporates movement exploration with innovative sequencing.


Weights. Of all sizes. Used in sequences that help you lift stuff better. Period.

After you complete your class, click the button below to take your survey. 

Please take a new survey for each class you participate in. 


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