JennaGem for Small Business Owners

It’s my first #jennagem for 2018 and this one is for the Small Business Owners!
In the beginning of my business, I was stoked to be the sister-who-was-doing-it-for-herself! I was excited for the creativity, potential revenue and future staff/client interactions that I had been dreaming up in my mind. It was magical!
Fast forward to a few years in: I was running a successful business and indeed was doing it ALL for myself; cleaning, laundry, scheduling, marketing, expenses, taxes – you name it! The menial operations were draining and left little energy for much else. And when your energy is running on empty, it’s like sending a direct invitation for negative distractions to run the show. I soon found myself in a dance of disempowerment.
Comparison, self-criticism and avoiding interpersonal staff/client issues were just some of the ways I let my power go. I was obsessive in my thoughts and let fear and doubt run the show. I had forgotten the magic that had driven me to open my business in the first place.
I woke up the day I heard myself say to a colleague: “There’s a lot of sh*t that you have to put up with as an SBO, but this simply sounds like the ‘wrong sh*t.'” We teach what we need to learn…
I realized that fear and comparison had snuck their way in to my low energy state and that I needed an intervention STAT! I made a list of the sh*t that was necessary for my business to thrive as well as the sh*t that was not serving me. I started a daily practice of reciting my mission before work to keep me aligned and weighed each situation against the core values of the mission itself. It worked.
Recognizing that fear and doubt are a sneaky team of saboteurs, just waiting to create chaos, was the catalyst for me to make the shift. Today, I serve my business well – menial tasks and all. The difference is that my business now also serves me. It’s magical.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Is your business being run by a magic mission or by fear? What can you release that brings you into alignment with your core values? And of course: Are you putting up with the wrong sh*t?




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