If you’ve followed my posts, you know that I’m typically a proponent for easing away from the perfection-based hustle.  That said, the success of my business has not been based on relaxation alone. The growth of my offerings is based on knowing whether or not to nudge the needle forward. This week, I’m sharing three of my best tips to help you understand when to “slow your roll” or “push it real good” in your own work! 

Am I working with Gretchen or Regina?

Whenever I’m working to promote a new service or event, I always turn back to the movie Mean Girls.  Seriously – this movie is a major guide for my work! I know that when I’m in self-doubt about an idea and being too lax about how I support it, my mind is in a state of Regina: “It’s never going to happen!”  On the other hand, I know that if I’m giddy, smiling and confident, I’m all Gretchen and it’s time to put some my back into it! Even if it’s not perfect, or even “fully-cooked,” I know I’ve gotta get it out there to receive feedback that will help it grow into what it’s supposed to be. 


For example, when I first pitched my invention, The DUET Roller Accessory System, it wasn’t nearly finished, but I knew that I had the concept and theory behind it ready to go.  I brought it to Ken Endelman of Balanced Body without apology. In truth, I should have probably apologized as it was a hand-sewn strap and massacred headrest that I had cut out of a foam roller with a french bread knife.  If I had listened to Regina, I would’ve never sat down with Ken in the meeting that ended up propelling the production of the DUET forward. But, darn it, I made fetch happen that day and as a result, I made the duet happen! Learn more about my invention in this month’s Pilates Style Magazine! 


Have I fully investigated how what I’m preparing to offer serves the intended audience?


Whether in teaching or business, I can fall into a major mushy love affair with some of the ideas that come from my head.  They are provocative, interesting, fun and all about ME! The pitfall that many of us make in putting work out there is that we forget to check in on how this work will land with its intended audience.  


It’s AMAZING when you love your work, but it’s also important to think about the others who will engage with it.  If you haven’t considered who you are serving, what they need and how your work solves their problem or enhances their life, then it’s time to pump the brakes! Take some time to clarify your intentions and see how you can bridge the gap between your enthusiasm and your audiences.  


Have I checked in to see if what I’m offering aligns with the overall mission of my work?


Is what I’m working on part of the family? Or does it need to be “married” in? I love when I have new avenues to add to my work, but realistically, I don’t have space and time to create a whole new business or teaching strategy surrounding one new aspect of my work.  So, it’s important to make sure that anything new I add will be able to easily relate to the rest of my offerings, while still maintaining its own identity. This may take a bit to suss out, however, when there is flow amongst your teaching and professional offerings, it becomes easier for everyone to adopt them into the process as something to be a part of. 


As you can see, knowing when to push forward is an investigative process and we have to be discerning with the elements of our professional offerings that are ready to launch and may need a little more time in the hopper. But the more we check in with the readiness of our offerings for our audience, how it fits into the whole and whether or not you’re being held back by your ego, the better we’ll be able to pace ourselves. In the comments below, I’d love to hear what you struggle with from a slowing down or pushing forward perspective. What are you currently working on that may need attendance or a nudge? I’d love to hear from you! 


Much Love,


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