You’re standing at the front of a class or with a client with your feet grounded and posture in check.  You begin to speak and the cues flow as if they were channeled from another realm of clarity.  The class is “getting it!”  The movement is happening.  You know what to do next! This is what teaching movement is all about!

Now is the time when we typically sit back and either bask in the glory of teaching congruence – where all the hard work comes together – or worry about whether or not you’ll be able to re-create this formula for the future.  In addition to celebration and worry, this flow also presents a unique opportunity to gather the surplus of inspiration for periods in the future where your teaching seems to be unclear or uninspired. Because it can happen to the very best of us!


Below are some quick and easy tips that I use to capture my current inspiration for future fuel for my teaching fire:



That seemingly insignificant app on your phone can be your saving grace for times where inspiration wanes.  When I have a good session, read something inspirational or even have an interesting thought, I record it in the notes on my phone under “inspiration.”  This is different than recording it in my client files – that act is more about them and this one is for ME.  I find that when I’m not sure what I want to explore in my own practice, post on social media, speak about on the podcast or breech in my client sessions, I have an access point to focus my attention on places that formerly provided me with inspiration.  It feels like an act of supportive kindness to myself to have any number of inspiring topics at my fingertips. 



I always pre-plan my themes for the month with permission to let them go if something more exciting comes up.  I find that the acknowledgment of a theme for my work on all platforms helps to preserve my creative energy while creating consistency in all of my endeavors.  Some of my clients only see me in person, some online, some listen to me in their earbuds and some read this blog.  I always want to be sure that I’m not working with 19 different topics but rather, one over-arching theme that can be tailored to whatever the client needs.  Believe me – mental busy-ness will rob you of depth in your work.  I love the productive feeling of having fully explored a concept or subject throughout the month and being able to let it go at month’s end. 



Often, I will ask my clients for feedback about our work together, in the form of the question:

What was the most meaningful aspect of our work together this week/month/year?

This way, we can review areas that really showed up as strong for my clients and I can get a clue as to where i might want to continue with their work when the time is right.  Even if it’s necessary to stay with that aspect for a bit longer, I’ve gathered some ideas for future inspiration and now they live in my NOTES app ;). 

I hope these simple tips help you to start collecting your future inspirational tools!  I’d love to hear about any tools that you use for this purpose!  Share in the comments ;). 


Much Love,

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