Thinking back to that day in the real estate broker meeting, where I was poised to leave Pilates forever to sell houses, I remember using my teaching skills to strategize how I might make this career shift work.  It couldn’t be that difficult to start again.  Just like Pilates, I would learn the A,B,C’s of real estate, the “anatomy” of a home and apply these things to the bigger picture of their quality of life enhancement.  Maybe I could even throw in an “orientation Pilates session” for new homeowners when they bought to help them understand how to move with joy in their new abode…


Oh, who was I kidding? 



I was ready to rise up and use my voice to introduce my personal stockpile of teaching and business strategies to create new avenues for teachers to explore their individual gifts, but I was paralyzed with fear.  Whenever I brought up a different way of approaching these topics with others, I couldn’t help but feel like an outcast. Being misunderstood was a super-trigger for my ego and that voice inside was on repeat, saying: “Who are you to offer your little ideas to the profession? What do you have to offer? Where are you even going to start?”

I was in just this state of mind when I saw a free training that Gabby Bernstein was offering called “How To Do What You’ve Been Dreaming Of.” “OK,” I thought. “Show me what you’ve got, Gabby!” And she did. And I got it. The three biggest lessons I learned were: 

1. Start supporting yourself. Speak more kindly to the person in the mirror. Shut out the noise that isn’t serving the purpose that you believe is possible.

2. Learn how to own your story and use it to support your efforts towards moving into the role that you believe you were made for.

3. Start DOING the work that you’re dreaming about. Not when you’re ready, not when you feel more confident, but NOW.  Give yourself permission to start, imperfectly and without judgment. 

It took some time to build these new muscles that would support my confidence to step forward with my ideas.  However, that first training with Gabby had cracked me open and showed me what lay beyond the self-doubt and fear.  This vision fueled me to adopt a new perspective about the possibilities ahead: Coaching…. A Podcast….Selling My Studio…. Maybe A Private Practice…. Teaching My Own Work? 

I’ll tell you more about it all in the next email, but today, I am truly excited to share the first in a series of free video trainings from Gabby that are just like the one I started with.  Click the link below to learn how to:


Own your confidence and get into action now.

Conquer Doubt and Uncertainty.

Become strongly connected to your purpose.

Access The Free Training HERE 


I know this training will inspire you as much as it inspired me in the beginning of my journey towards living in my purpose.  

Stay tuned for more of my story to come and be sure to drop me some comments to let me know what was impactful for you! 

Much Love, 


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