Many of us are so used to practicing movement as a dedicated hour(s) of our day, that we forget about the opportunities that our practice has to affect our whole life. We schedule it, purchase our class, and get it done as its own entity but often, our practice finishes at the end of the session.  


There’s a lot of talk about the by-proxy affect of simply having a movement practice. And yes, a movement practice is so beneficial to our health and wellness.  However, when we make a shift from simply completing a practice to moving in a way that serves our happiness as well as our physical bodies, the benefits grow exponentially.  A practice that taps into one’s happiness needs can transform EVERY space into a moving environment. 


Take a moment to answer the following questions and see how your practice is inspiring your life: 


Where do you normally practice? 


Why is this your chosen spot? 


What is the value of practicing in this way? 


How does this environment stimulate curiosity?


How does this environment inspire you? 


How does your movement practice show up in your life? Physically? Emotionally? 


Can you see a direct correlation between movement and lived experience? If not, what would bridge the gap? 


Your assignment this week is to consider the opportunities you have to make some positive revisions to your movement practice.  What can you do that’s totally different? Radical even? How can you invite your experience with movement to truly move you from the inside out?


I look forward to hearing about your discoveries in the comments.


Much Love,




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