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My work is based on the belief that wellness as an individualized journey.  I am committed to providing a platform for support and education that helps amplify all bodies to celebrate a true expression of self through movement and wellness practices.

Read my EDI Statement and learn about the different ways I’m holding myself accountable to the work of equity, inclusivity and diversity in my business.


You’re Here

how do YOU fit into your life?

I know what it feels like to realize the life you’ve created is missing something major – YOU!




It’s common to become distracted by the promise of a career path, life model, or a societal expectation.  But after all of the accomplishments, milestones and and norms have been experienced, you’ll still have to face the most important relationship you have – the one with yourself. 



Wellness Advocate | Health Coach | Movement Educator.

From wellness professionals to regular folk, I’ve helped hundreds of people

become bold with their lives.   

My signature group coaching programs & innovative health and wellness memberships help you unapologetically express your individuality through strategies that nurture your brain, (mindset) body, (physical health & wellness) and being (personalized spiritual practice.)  



Whether it’s your personal health and wellness, creating business practices that serve you, or finding inspired support for your career as a movement teacher, I’ve got you covered! 

Through helping me establish a series of individualized guideposts and strategies for my support and growth, Jenna has provided me with more clarity and direction in both my work and personal life.

Michelle Duvall
Barre Variations

I would confidently recommend Passion Project to those who are struggling with the following professional questions: Do I really want this? Will this make me happy? How the heck do I execute this idea in the best possible way to keep my fulfillment level at high?

Owner, The Movement Studio

Going into the program I didn’t know what to expect because it was my first experience with coaching. I was hoping to make some industry connections, and learn a little about how to create a brand for myself. The Passion Project far exceeded my expectations. Real relationships were formed, and working through what was blocking me from greater success helped my personal project flourish.

Founder, Barre Variations

I was seeking something/change/knowledge that would help me gain confidence, clarity, and purpose in my teaching, business and life. It is profoundly comforting and connecting to hear others concerns, vulnerabilities, successes, and knowledge. I felt  included, trusted, and not alone. My confidence is infinitely expanded because of Jenna and my group of Gem Seekers.

Becky Everhart

I thoroughly enjoyed participating in Gemseekers.  The quality advice offered by Jenna from week to week always seemed on-point with my own energy/emotions at that time.  The guest presenters added an additional twist and depth of specialist knowledge that was thought-provoking and valuable for many areas of my life.

Evelyn O'Donoghue

Be In Great Company…

Pilates Unfiltered Podcast

A Podcast For Pilates People, By Pilates People.

Join us for spirited discussions about Pilates culture with industry leaders and hidden gems. Time to laugh, challenge, reflect, and hear the pulse of the Pilates community!

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Moving Experiences Podcast

A show for movement enthusiasts, passionate entrepreneurs and human beings who simply need a little inspiration in their ears.  Our episodes share the stories of people who have created movements in their mindset, body and/or businesses.


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