The hustle is on for gift buying and instead of letting an algorithm on the internet tell you what to buy, why not let a trusted Pilates personality guide you through your gift-giving this season.  ? In all seriousness, I’ve compiled a list of gifts ranging from practical to positively fabulous to help you with your holiday shopping this year! Enjoy!

The Verilux HappyLight®

This LED Therapy Lamp is getting me through the doldrums of the Chicago Winter season.  Featuring adjustable color, temperature and a countdown timer that allows you to personalize your experience you can simply plug it in & get happy!

  • Full-spectrum, UV-free light with clinically proven 10,000 lux intensity
  • Adjust color from daylight to warm white
  • Choose from 4 brightness levels
  • Easily set the countdown timer up to 1 hour in 5-minute increments


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Thinking of going low-waste this holiday season?  I know, it’s challenging, however, sometimes, simply having one simple solution can help create a trend in your household.

I love using Stasherbags for Jaxon’s lunch as well as my own lunch and food storage.  We recently traveled through London with our snacks and vitamins packed well in multi-sizes of these colorful bags.  They are durable and easy to clean too!


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Wildling Beauty Empress Collection

I’m a low-key beauty gal. I need simple and effective.  A good mascara, a nice lip – that’s it.  I also have sensitive skin so a lot of “stuff” typically doesn’t bode well.

When I found out about Wildling Beauty’s facial Gua Sha bian stone and natural oils, I was really curious.  I bought in and recently during a trip to NYC, was able to work with an esthetician to learn some techniques.  I’m hooked. My face feels ALIVE after doing my ritual.  I use the stone and oils between 1 – 3x per week and it’s absolutely an act of self-care.

The best part is that the techniques are 100% in alignment with much of my beliefs about movement, mindset and self-care.  It has been a perfect fit for me.  Do yourself a favor and get the full Empress Collection – I started with just the stone but was much happier with the toner and oil from Wildling.


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Bellicon Rebounder

If you’ve followed me at all this year, then you know I’m #obsessed with rebounding.  This low-impact option for my cardio has carried me into a world where my joints love me and my spirit soars.

Stay tuned in the new year for some of my favorite routines – I’ll be sharing on my website and social media!


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Pilates Anytime Membership

Join some of your favorite Pilates teachers, including ME with this multi-faceted movement membership.  Pilates Anytime hosts over 3500 videos, tutorials, workshops and more and soon, also three of my new classes!

Visit the link below and use the code ZAFFINO and checkout for 30 days free!


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The Calling By Rha Goddess

This one is for the entrepreneurs out there.  Rha is my coach and a genius when it comes to helping you Stay True, Get Paid and Do Good! She’s helped me grow my business exponentially and her new book (out in Jan 2020) has some of her BEST tools for purpose-driven entrepreneurs.

I was lucky enough to receive an advanced copy and I haven’t put it down since I opened it.  Do yourself a favor and gift yourself this one – you won’t regret it!


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Quit Like A Woman By Holly Whittaker

Holly is a dynamic visionary who does not mince words when it comes to sobriety and the societal constructs and hindrances that surround women and drinking.

If you’ve ever questioned your relationship with alcohol, this book will offer the cold hard facts that can support your move to a sober lifestyle.

Holly was instrumental in my journey to sobriety and remains a friend to this day!


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Teach From The Heart Membership

I couldn’t not include this one! Join me for a year of monthly teaching inspiration.  As a TFTH Member, each month you’ll receive a teaching affirmation, members-only audio lesson, nourishing movement class and journal prompt- all in the name of supporting your BEST teaching energy.


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I am a proud affiliate for Verilux HappyLight, Bellicon USA and Pilates Anytime.  I may receive a commission if you purchase these items using my links. 

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