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Holiday Gift Guide 2020

  The hustle is on for gift buying and instead of letting an...

Behind The Scenes At Gem Seekers Group Coaching

  My favorite part of the Gem Seekers enrollment period is...

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Join My List Receive Valuable Weekly Inspiration and Professional...

Energizing Visualization For Movement Teachers

Have you ever been grateful for a last minute cancellation? You hear...

For Like Ever

2 years ago today, I made a decision. "For today, I will not drink...

Use Your Words

Year 3 of motherhood has been a beautiful exploration of...

When It Doesn’t Look Like It Should

I never thought I'd be dating again, but here there I was, 40 yrs...

I didn’t say “no,” I just said “not yet.”

I didn’t say “no,” I just said “not yet.” Patience is not my...

Does the substance outweigh the shine?

Shiny Objects are everywhere. Their design in nature is to catch our...

JennaGem for Small Business Owners

It's my first #jennagem for 2018 and this one is for the Small...

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