Whether you are a teacher, studio owner or entrepreneur, you are responsible for keeping yourself motivated in your work.  However, this line item can often be pushed to the bottom of your list of responsibilities.  This week, I’m sharing some simple ways to keep yourself motivated for your work that I use each week.


setting intentions

On Mondays, I take a few moments to check in with my weekly line-up and see what I’ve got ahead of me.  Based on the workload, I take a few moments to breathe and consider the experience that I want to have with my week.  If something comes up as needing a little more attention, I make sure to put some organizational or self-care sessions into my week to ensure that I’m caring for myself in the process of caring for others.


plan my workouts ahead of time

In order to make moves for others, I need to make moves happen in my own body.  Each week, I have a general plan for movement, however, I leave when it happens open for possibilities.   I’m committed to one, 30 min session per day of any of the following: Currently, my workout plan looks like:

Rowing sessions

Rebounding/weight sessions

Weight/body weight sessions

Yoga practices

Pilates practices

Do I do all of these each week? HELL NO! However, because my plan is based more on moving every day for 30 minutes within at least one session, I’m full of options.  And, on a good day, I might even complete two, 30 min sessions.   I’m not attached to checking off the full list, but I’m present for the possibility that I could if time and my body allowed.



I’m committed to my meditation practice weekly and plan at least 2 sessions to be focused on my role as a teacher and coach and my energy for both of those things.  When I sit, I think of my journey, what has interested me in the past and open my mind to what might pop in as a motivational question or area of exploration for that week.  Then, I put my music on and just sit to see what ideas come into focus.  Sometimes, the meditation is focused on self-care and reminding myself of my worth – two imperative subjects that are required for me to do my work.  For a beautiful meditation for movement teachers that I use often, click HERE.


team meetings

Whether I’m meeting with my actual team, or my personal support team, knowing that there are people who support me helps me feel inspired and motivated to make things happen this week.  I work with a business team, intuitive coach, and a mastermind group.  Each one of these venues motivates me in different ways to get my work done that week.  Sometimes, the simple act of being on a team makes you step up with more willingness to your work.  If you’re in the market for a supportive group environment with me, The Gem Seekers Group Coaching Program opens enrollment again in August.  This is a group coaching program that I run, however, it also motivates me in the most amazing of ways!!! Learn more HERE. 


do something that has nothing to do with work

You can push yourself hard in your work, but you can’t force the flow.  At times when I’ve exhausted my resources but still feel a lack of motivation, I stop everything and go do something else that lights me up.  Reading non-work materials, watching a movie, listening to a podcast, drawing, painting or making jewelry are all ways that I check out of work mode, knowing that when I connect to learning and creativity, I can better access a starting point to get back to work.


If you struggle with motivation, check out my podcast Pilates Unfiltered.

If you need more specific help with your work, Gem Seekers is a great place to start!

Regardless of how you choose to motivate yourself each week, know that it is a choice that will allow you to better access flow in your work.  Anytime you support yourself, you are ALWAYS able to better support others!


Much Love,


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