Last week’s post was a great catalyst for conversation surrounding a career in Pilates and truthfully, I wrote it to set the foundation for larger conversations to come.  This week, we’re diving into the topic of finding direction in your work.

I believe that direction, fueled by the impact you wish to make with your work, provides the blueprint for both personal and professional fulfillment.  I believe this because for the better part of fifteen years of my career, I attempted to follow the pathways of people who did the “Pilates-career-path” the “right way” to progress my career.  The pathways were completely sound.  They provided me with income and teaching has always been fulfilling, but they were missing one ingredient – me!  It took some time to recognize that I was doing the “Pilates-career-path” but I wasn’t doing MY “Pilates-career-path.”   I was doing the thing, but not making THE difference.  Turns out, this matters – a lot.

When your work is motivated by impact, it offers you a metric from which to weigh decisions, opportunities and levels of success – both large and small.  You’ll still need the details of your plan, but your blueprint will be much more clear.  Believe me, I completely understand that the thought of making an impact through teaching Pilates can seem overwhelming.  This week, I’d like you to answer a few questions to help clarify the impact you are working towards.  Once you’ve answered these questions, I’d like you to examine whether the pathway you are currently on is providing a platform for this impact.  If the answer is no, be sure not to panic.  This is actually great news! It lets you know that now you can put your creative energy into new endeavors that align with your impact!  (And we’ll be covering this topic in posts to come!)  So, get ready to dive in and remember that this is an empowering step in finding and following the right pathway for you!


What do you love about teaching Pilates?  Be Specific

Think of the moments where you feel like “I know what I’m doing!” What’s happening? Who is there? How many people? WHAT are you doing specifically in the moment where you are 100% confident in your love for teaching?


What arena provides you with the best platform from which to share your gifts?

Think of the physical environment along with the actual venue.  Are you in a private session? A group class?  A school? A conference? Where does your love from the above question shine the brightest? (It’s ok if it’s more than one venue, however try to choose your top 2)


If you were to receive a life-time achievement award for being a pilates professional, what would you be celebrated for?

Are you a motivator, trainer, facilitator, educator, speaker, philanthropist? What elements of your work are recognized by others? What elements of your work would you like to be recognized by others?


What careers (outside of teaching pilates) hold a pathway that inspires you?

What professionals in the world do you admire?  Are they celebrities, business people or service-providers? What are the elements that inspire you in these other venues?


compile your answers. with the information gathered from above, write a statement of your impact.

Example: My impact is to shift the paradigm that has been set forth through the professional movement industry – that there is something wrong with us that needs to be fixed.  I am called to help others to enjoy a strong relationship with their gifts and discover their purpose to help them create the impact that is possible through recognizing worthiness in one’s self.   This is one of my working statements 🙂


journal time!

  1. Take out some paper or a journal.  If you look at the answers to the questions above, how many of them align with your current pathway.  Note the places that are absolutely out of alignment.  These will be the areas to begin to consider making a change.  The change does not need to happen overnight, but through acknowledging the misalignment of your current situation with where you want to be, you will gain a new-found awareness that opens your perspective to finding better alignment.
  2. Brainstorming – What venues/opportunities can you think of that might provide a better platform for your purpose work? What exists in the world? Get creative and see what you can come up with!


Remember that this exercise is a necessary first towards making a shift in your work and getting on the career path that will allow you to thrive! I’m looking forward to reading your comments and questions.  Happy Sunday and I’ll see you next week!


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