How many people do you know who spend money on a gym membership that they rarely use? (certainly not you!) Health clubs and gyms are famous for dazzling us with new equipment, fancy fusion classes and fabulous amenities that swaddle the act of exercising in a silk blanket of hope that some day we will finally reach our goals.  What’s fascinating to me about the gym environment is that people tend to relegate any purposeful movement that may occur during their day to the walls of the club, even though they have perfectly effective exercise opportunities surrounding them.   Like the tree falling in the woods: If you don’t have a gym membership, can you really exercise?  The answer is a resounding “YES!”

You may be thinking “Jenna: Are you trying to put yourself out of business?”  The answer to that question would once again be a resounding “YES!” but not for the reasons you might think.   I desire to help people expand their movement practice rather than maintain it.  My goal with this post is to encourage a widening of the “movement lens.”  Children do it all the time.  Big rock? Climb on top!  Puddle? Make a splash! Cool breeze? Run on through it!  We, as adults tend to lose the inspiration to, as my colleague Michelle Duval says, “Workout Where We Are!”

Now, about my job; I believe that the more my clients move throughout their day, the more I have to teach them.  When they prioritize moving in their home, outdoors or social environment, their movement sessions with me get an upgrade.  Maybe I get to teach them a new skill or a special sequence.  Each individual’s upgrade is based on the foundation that they’ve set up within their own movement practice and directly relates to the experience they want to have in their environment.

This week’s Sunday Strategy is simple:  MOVE!

I challenge you to find one, free environment per day in which to engage in purposeful movement that makes your heart bump up a notch.  Dancing, tag, games or even a brisk walk in the park can be amazing outlets for stress as well as increase your movement vocabulary.  Toe taps in the line for coffee, parking farther away from your work and skipping to the front door are also great choices.  (Yes – I do all of these) The more awkward you feel, probably the better.  In my family, skipping is a form of self-expression and let’s just say, we all like to express ourselves….

Jot your movement excursions down in a journal.

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