Past Events – Jenna Zaffino

PLAY: Swiss Ball

Streaming From Feb 22 - 28. Access Single Class For:

You’ll bounce, roll, toss and stretch yourself through a full-body workout with the Swiss Ball that inspires and delights! 



Streaming From March 1 - 7. Access Single Class For:

We're balancing, rolling, coordinating and more in this playful and challenging class with the foam roller!


PLAY – Small Ball

Streaming From March 29 - April 4. Access Single Class For:

This week we use the small ball to add resistance, assistance and work on our hand, wrist and arm strength. Get ready for a fun class!

Pilates Mat

Streaming From April 12 - 19th. Access Single Class For:

Return to life with a full Pilates practice. Move through a nourishing warm up, energizing mat sequence and a few surprises that will light up your spine!


Foam Roller + Duet

Streaming From May 3 - 10th. Access Single Class For:

We're taking an articulation exploration in this roller class. Use a single roller or breakout your Duet™️ for double the fun!

PLAY – Barre

Streaming From May 10 -16th. Access Single Class For:

We're taking to the barre today for posture building, leg strengthening and core strengthening!



Streaming From May 24 - 30

This ain't your matwork's magic circle! We're standing, sitting and working the circumference of our posture and our balance!

PLAY – Duet Reset

Streaming from June 14 - 20th

Move your spine through sequences that tap into your intuitive alignment using the support of a single roller or the Duet™️. *Med Cape

Move – Chair + Mat

Streaming From June 28 - July 4th

Warm up your feet, move your spine and work with resistance through this session that moves from seated to standing exercises. *Med Cape

PLAY – Swiss Ball

Streaming From July 5 - 11th

Bouncing, balancing and a whole lotta hamstring work - let's PLAY!

Fletcher Towelwork

Streaming From July 19 - 24

I'm returning to my Fletcher Pilates roots this week with a full workout that adds resistance and organization to your standing and matwork.


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