Past Events – Jenna Zaffino

Pilates Equipment – WUNDA CHAIR

Streaming From Jan 4 - 10, 2021. Access Single Class For:

Work every angle of the chair to experience how different exercises integrate to form new connections in your body! *Sitting box, barrel or yoga block suggested.


Pilates Apparatus: Cadillac

Streaming From Jan 25 - 31. Access Single Class For:

Work through a magic circle warm up followed by a creative leg circle series, tower, roll backs and more!  



Streaming From March 1 - 7. Access Single Class For:

We're building slow towards flight in this comprehensive jumpboard class!



Streaming From March 8 - 14. Access Single Class For:

Take a fully comprehensive journey with the Spine Corrector to encourage awareness, control and mobility.


Pilates Equipment: Cadillac

Streaming From March 15 - 21. Access Single Class For:

We're going full tilt (and hinge) on the Cadillac. The intention: a full circulatory (and YUMMY) experience with some challenging pieces that will remind you why you love this big lug of Pilates equipment.


Pilates Equipment: Reformer

Streaming From March 22 - 28. Access Single Class For:

This class focuses on strength building. In this "high-cape" class, you'll work a heavier spring setting for leg & footwork as well as challenging spinal articulation and a "spicy" 🌶 arm series!


Pilates Equipment – Spine Corrector

Streaming From March 29 - April 4. Access Single Class For:

If you thought the spine corrector was therapeutic - YOU'RE RIGHT! But this class also carries an athletic theme to move you in ALL of the ways while you treat your spine.


Pilates Equipment: Cadillac

Streaming From April 5 - 11. Access Single Class For:

Begin with some organizing Barre Work, progress to spinal rotations and hip articulation and pull it all together with a roller coaster of extension!


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