Have you ever been grateful for a last minute cancellation?

You hear the news of an unexpected free hour and a breath that you didn’t know you were holding releases with relief. Sharing our passion requires us to regularly give of ourselves.  While this beautiful offering is fulfilling, it can also drain our energy until, with an unexpected release of breath, we realize we need to fill our own tank.

Realizing we need a break is one thing, being able to take that break is entirely another.  Traditional stress relief modalities such as a mani/pedi, massage or trip to the spa aren’t always accessible and many times, those methods won’t fill us up with the confidence, consideration and passion we need to dive back into our work.  The condition of needing a break requires an innovative intervention…

Throughout my career, I’ve found myself sighing that breath of relief far too many times.  I’ve taken on more clients than I had the energy to give to and while I taught at the highest level I could, I found myself longing for cancellations  – not the place that any passionate teacher wants to be. I always knew that I felt good after meditation, but it wasn’t until I began working with focused scripts that I understood how powerfully this tool could affect my career.  


Watch and listen to the meditation/visualization below that I’ve created specifically to reignite your passion for teaching.  In this practice, you’ll be guided through a process that will help you determine the energy that will help get you excited for your session to start, flow into the offering of your best teaching and express gratitude for the lessons you have shared as well as for the lessons you have learned.  This energetic toolbox is a wonderful way to ensure that you are conscious of filling up your own tank as well as being able to give fully to your clients. After you’ve watched scroll down to learn a few additional tools to reset your energy.



Tool #1: Move Yourself.  

Ok, I’ll admit it – this one seems a bit obvious, but engaging into a movement practice, without expectations of performance can definitely remind you of the love you have for teaching.  Set aside 3, 30 minute spaces where the expectation is that you just move. Do Pilates, Yoga or even roll around on the floor! Start a conversation with your own body, listen to the areas that are asking for acknowledgement and ask them what would be most helpful.  Use this information to make a plan for continued movement self-care.


Tool #2: Leave The Studio.  

Also, somewhat obvious, but SO valuable.  Plan a day trip to a museum, park, forest preserve, beach or architecturally rich environment.  Go with the intention of taking mental snapshots of the elements that are most inspiring to you.  At some point during the trip or even at the end of the day, journal about your experience. Write about the inspiration, freedom, organization and beauty (or lack thereof) and attempt relate it to your movement practice. This exercise will help inspire your future lessons and also give you a great mental escape to visualize during breathing breaks and meditations.


Tool #3: Experience A Great Teacher. 

Here’s the caveat the teacher that you experience should NOT be a teacher of movement.  Look to figures in society, historical influencers or even the most unassuming of teachers – grandparents and children can provide a rich learning experience.  Find a TED talk, go to a class, listen to a podcast, or simply have a conversation. Listen to their lessons with an open mind and heart. Pick out the most meaningful parts of the lessons to you and write them down. You might be surprised to find out that you can listen to a teacher of a subject that is 10 generations removed from Pilates or movement and still gain insight into your own craft.  The key is to write down what speaks to you and do your best to apply it to your teaching practice. Best case scenario: you will infuse your work with lessons that reach beyond the walls of your studio. If nothing else, you may find an outlet for inspiration that allows you to leave the movement behind for a bit.


I truly hope this meditation and toolbox serves you.  I know that valuing the energy I bring to the table as a movement teacher has absolutely fueled my success and fulfillment in this field and I want the same for you!  

Leave a comment below and let me know about your experiences with the above.  I look forward to hearing from you!

Xo Jenna

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