Are you feeling that post-holiday/new year gray-zone energy like I am? This week was a whole series of “What was I doing again?” In the Pilates Unfiltered forum on Facebook, I asked whether anyone else was feeling “off” this week and the consensus was a unanimous YES!

Why is this important? Because the gray-zone of transition can invite thoughts, behaviors and feelings that have nothing to do with the intentions we set last week. To keep your process going, this week we are going to do a brief check in with how your choices are supporting your intentions for the next year.

the questions


  1. What are three things that you are a definite “YES” for in your work? In your life?
  2. What are three things you are a “No” for?
  3. What are some of the stories, thoughts, and conversations you’ve had over the past week that support your yeses? Your nos?
  4. What are some of the behaviors you are engaging into that support your yeses? Your nos?
  5. Generally speaking, are you spending more time engaging with your yeses or your nos?

How did you do? Any surprises? When I find myself in the gray-zone, I almost always see my energy circulating around things that I am a NO for. Wasting time, compromising my boundaries and not speaking my needs are three ways that I fall out of habit. The good news is that all it takes is a little reframing work!

the reframe

Take out your journal and divide the page into two columns. Write the behaviors, thoughts etc that are currently supporting things that you are a NO for and list them on the left side of the page.

How can you shift the wording or intention away from supporting your NO and towards supporting your YES?

Write a reframed version of each statement in the right-hand column. Use the process that you took to get to the new, supportive statement towards your intentions as a template for any challenges you face over the next few weeks.

The number one element that has helped me stay consistent with my intentions is to be honest with myself when I start to get off track. If I run into a gray-zone, my strategy is always to get still. A friend of mine once told me to just “be a log” during times of disconnection. This always makes me laugh, but also gives me a strategy. A log would just sit there and sometimes, that’s exactly what I need to do to be able to reframe some of my behaviors and get back on track.

I’d love to hear how this check in helped you this week and stay tuned for some big announcements over the next few weeks to offer you some amazing access points for continued inspiration in your teaching!

xo Jenna

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