Welcome To The Teacher’s Cadillac Series

Welcome! Thank you for registering for the Teacher’s Cadillac Series.

Classes in this series are unlocked weekly.  Once a class is unlocked it will remain open for your ongoing access.

Over the next 6 weeks, you’ll be guided through creative sequences that marry archival exercises with innovative applications.  There is only one rule:  Choose the variation that works for YOUR body.  The expectation is that you take this series for yourself and “borrow” both the moves and the inspiration behind them for your clients.

Be sure to check out the bonus content, which will become accessible over the next 6 weeks. Also, be sure to check back under the “Movement Programs” tab under “Work With Jenna” on menu of jennazaffino.com for current live “Teacher’s Series.”

Should you have questions for Jenna, please reach out directly to team@jennazaffino.com.

Happy Cadillac-ing!