Week One: Set The Foundations

Your week one class is unlocked and available to watch as much as you like!

In this class, we explore simple bounce sequences to test drive our cardio and a simple Pilates mat sequence to get acquainted with our mat.

Each week, we’ll be building on our stamina and our repertoire to build our strength and endurance.

You are encouraged to not only return to this class again this week, but also check out your bonus classes for a 45 minute mat practice.

In addition, getting on the rebounder for a few minutes will absolutely help with any soreness as well as to revisit the material from the week before.

Have Fun with it and don’t let it be too serious – the name of the game is mood-boosting!

Remember to post in the community about your experience and if you have any personal questions, please reach out to me at coachjz@jennazaffino.com

Great work today!