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Welcome! Thank you for registering for the Jumpboard Clinic.

Classes in this series are unlocked weekly.  Once a class is unlocked it will remain open for your ongoing access.

Be sure to check out the bonus content, which will become accessible over the next 6 weeks.

Throughout this series, you’ll build your jump board practice to move beyond limited sequences into fully-crafted sessions. We’ll work on technique and mechanics to build stronger, full-body biomechanical coordination.  You’ll sit, stand, jump and land using the board and be encouraged to make your practice your own!

I hope that you’ll be inspired to take your own creativity to the next level!

Program includes:

  • 6 Weekly, 1 hr, Professional Level Reformer/Jumpboard Sessions With Jenna
  • Curated Class Content That Moves You Through Themed Technique and Creative Exploration of The Jumpboard Syllabus
  • Explorations of Progressions and Regressions for Multiple Considerations & Outcomes
  • A Weekly Movement Session For YOU (that you can also “borrow” for your clients.)
  • Access To Online Community Group For Discussion & Connection
  • Access To The JZ Studio Pop Up Library