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I’m Jenna Zaffino, Founder of Brink.  My original vision for this event was to create a space where movement and wellness professionals were seen and respected for their businesses/careers – in addition to their skill sets or time spent on the job.  I wanted to offer them dynamic tools of support that would help them move towards the next stage of their professional pathway, leading them towards a place of personal and professional fulfillment.

Due to the rapid, real-time shifts that the global pandemic has presented us all with, I have evolved my vision into the virtual space to offer a wider level of support, inspiration and career/business guidance to our global community. 

I’ve invited a group of inspired professionals from the mindset, movement and business communities to share lessons of resilience, navigating change, and emerging stronger after a time of challenge and trauma for ourselves as well as our clients. Brink will bring us together in solidarity to connect, support, and plan for a brighter, more fulfilling and meaningful future

Thank you for being here.  You deserve every level of support and generosity that we can offer.  You can learn more about all of the details below and I can’t wait to Be With You At Brink! 

Much Love, 

Jenna Zaffino


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