Structuring Resilience with James Crader

Session Description

Success comes down to safety and trust. Learn how to move away from your profession’s narrow narratives and unpack those concepts from a nervous system, whole-person perspective.

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Communicating Connection: Upskilling your teaching for professional resilience

So, you feel great after our time together. You may even be curious to know more about my work … but you also know you need to make money! Enter, this Course.

Let’s take the strategies you discovered in my Brink session and transform that into a solid foundation for a new way of doing business.
I’d like to offer you the opportunity to monetize the single thing YOU have that No One else does! (We’re talking zero competition / and minimal effort to pivot) Want to know what that is? Join me for my upcoming virtual course, Communicating Connection, to find out.

Some topics we’ll dive into: The key to superior teaching / Exactly how to build strong client relationships / and the KEY to valuing yourself in an indisputable and financially successful way. You don’t wanna miss this! Can’t make the live? No worries. Drop me an email and we’ll get you set up to receive the playback.

Special Offer: Only $25 w/ code – BRINK. (You literally can’t afford not to join!)

Meet James Crader

James, is a game-changing innovator in the way we look at movement, not just as exercise, but how our Self is in communication with our environment and Others. He’s a charismatic story-teller and speaker using physical explorations and awareness experiences to help corporate-leaders to creatives, shift their mindset from scarcity to security while mobilizing their body and life.

James is the creator of Self-Organization Strategizing (SOS), an approach to whole-body movement and resiliency that supports the whole person, physically / psychically / emotionally. Founder of MoveLab, a fun and ground-breaking exercise class that teaches people how to perceive and play with movement. He’s the author of the Cells & Soul blog, a space to confront and challenge our beliefs on how we think about the human experience.

Rooted in his own personal curiosity to overcome physical and emotional boundaries, his work is geared toward self-motivated humans that are ready to optimize their personal potential by prioritizing bodies and minds that feel safe & sound.