The only limits that exist are the limits you believe.
-Wayne Dyer

If Only…

I’ve been where you are. Wondering if the answers really exist. Wondering if suffering is the only way. Feeling like your wellness business is making you… unwell.

There was a time in my life when I considered leaving all I that I had built in my business behind for an admin job.  I told myself the story that following an “expected” career path would make the difference that I was looking for in my work.  At that time, I was severely burnt out, but I wasn’t quite done yet. Before I took the leap into the corporate pool,  I chose to invest a period of time refining my business practices to see if it could truly deliver on the entrepreneurial promise.  With each avenue of inquiry and redesign, I found there to be one main area that I had consistently neglected in my business – my own wellness needs.  What’s more, when I spoke to my fellow entrepreneurs, I realized that almost none of us were truly putting our own wellness needs at the top of our priority list.  Something had to change. 

I began a process that defined my values, clarified my purpose and implemented a series of fail-safe strategies that would ensure that my entrepreneurial practices would always be aligned with my wellness needs.  The tools and strategies I developed, along with continued education in realms of NLP, meditation, mindfulness and life alignment for entrepreneurial wellness began to reveal my own personal style of coaching. 

Today, I help design and revise the dreams of entrepreneurs in the wellness space and beyond.  From marketers to nutritionists, and energy workers to fitness gurus, my job is to help you break the mold that your career path assigned to you and create one that aligns with your business goals as well as your wellness needs.  I help professionals ensure that the health of their business is in direct alignment with their own mental, physical and spiritual health.  Together, we’ll work to refine your services and practices to provide more fulfillment, less burnout and a healthy bottom line! 

I’m here to help you take the next steps in reclaiming your business and your life.  All it takes is a little faith with a sprinkle of “Let’s DO THIS!”  Together, we will reach the vision of the entrepreneurial life you’ve been dreaming of.

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