The only limits that exist are the limits you believe.
-Wayne Dyer

If Only…

I’ve been where you are. Wondering if the answers really exist. Wondering if suffering is the only way. Choosing to work with a coach was the most pivotal action of my life. In choosing to seek guidance, I began a journey of self-discovery, defined my values and developed a spiritual practice designed to guide and support me through my personal and professional life. The shifts I made led me to choose a path that provided a platform for my great work AND fueled my soul.

Today, I am more than a Pilates Professional. I am an online entrepreneur, business owner, podcast host, inventor, designer of dreams and coach for those who wish to break the mold and create one that aligns with thier life’s experience.  I provide coaching services that help you access your voice, share your gifts and make income for your great work in a way that is spiritually aligned with your true purpose.

You’re ready to take the next step and I’m here to help.  All it takes is a little faith with a sprinkle of “Let’s DO THIS!”  Together, we will reach the vision of the professional life you’ve been dreaming of.

VIP Experience

Immerse yourself in a full day of personalized mentorship with Jenna. Located in Chicago’s North Center neighborhood, you’ll start at Jenna’s movement Sanctuary for an educational experience that is made entirely for YOU! Following the “work portion” of the day, you’ll be treated to a unique rejuvinating experience (think spa treatment or energy healing) followed by a dinner in one of Chicago’s unique eateries.

Prior to your VIP Day, you’ll work with Jenna as she designs a program that focuses on the areas of personal and professional development where you desire growth and change. Movement, mindfulness, writing exercises and business consulting are included in this unique, one on one experience.

The VIP Experience takes place on Fridays or Saturday.  Audio/Video recordings of portions of the day   Fill out an application using the link below to learn more and/or book your VIP Experience with Jenna.

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