From the early days as a newbie Pilates Teacher to my current status of building a brand that is built on the synthesis of our brain, body and business, I’ve gathered a library full of references that have helped me learn, grow and succeed.  Below you will find some of the books that have made an impact in my business. I hope that they serve you as much as they have me! 


1. The Big Enough Company – Adelaide Lancaster and Amy Adams

This book was quite literally the text that encouraged me to do my business differently.  When I first opened my Pilates Studio, I followed the model that was set forth by many studio owners.  We were successful, we grew fast and I consistently felt like I was chasing a growing snowball that was rolling down a hill.  

When I found this book, I thought “Right! This is the direction I’ve been looking for!”  The difference in creating a model that worked for me vs, what worked for everyone else, has been exponential in fulfillment as well as in financial gain.  Here’s a description of the text from Penguin Random House: 


2. The Calling – Rha Goddess

Oh, if I had only found Rha in year one! The Calling is a beautiful exploration of who you are, what your purpose is and how to hold those things in the highest regard to earn a living for these gifts.  Full of practical and quite honestly, spiritual tools, this book is one to keep in the library to return to often.  Currently, I’m working with this book to help me clarify the next steps as well as the methodologies I’ve created.  It’s hard work, but adds so much value to my offerings.


3. The Purple Cow – Seth Godin

If you have ever worked with me in a coaching capacity, you’ve learned about the Purple cow.  This book provided insight into why my individuality wass a unique selling principle (a purple cow) in my business.  There are so many great references to glean valuable knowledge from in the plight of clarifying your messaging and marketing.


4. Thrive – Arianna Huffington

This book was one of my first introductions into the world of wellness as an asset to your business.  Arianna received a wake up call in the form of accident that was caused in part by total exhaustion.  This book has helped me place value on sleep, self-attendance to personal needs and seeing the bigger picture of my life beyond my business.


5. The Art of Explanation – Lee Lefever

In my opinion, we can never spend too much time honing in our messaging.  This book helps you make your fantastical ideas so much easier to understand for the masses.  In a world of wellness, where anatomical terms and astrological signs can be the normal lexicon, it is SO helpful to get out of the studio and into the world with your words.  Your clients will thank you for it!


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