BRINK - Jenna Zaffino

October 2 -4, 2020

Virtual Conference For Movement & Wellness Professionals!

Are You Ready To Break Through?

Welcome to Brink Virtual!

I created the concept for Brink based on the condition of my clients, most of whom were coming to me on the brink of either a break down or a break through.  And if that isn’t a perfect metaphor for 2020 in it’s entirety, I don’t know what is! 

We’ve pivoted, grown, sustained and even grieved together and now it’s time to gather for a weekend of support, connection and generosity.  I invite you to join me for this long-time-coming, landmark event. 

New Schedule, Speakers and Sessions are listed below.  In addition, you’ll have a full movement library to enjoy during the weekend of October 2 – 4, 2020.  

For a full experience with sessions past and present, I encourage you to invest in the recorded option for attendance.  This gives you full access to the weekend, along with a stocked learning platform to support you through the next year! 

I look forward to being with you at Brink! 

Much Love, 


Our Virtual Venue Features:


  • Main Stage Sessions With Industry Experts
  • Breakout Sessions With Q&A Chats
  • Video and/or Audio Options For Attendance
  • Live and Pre-recorded Movement Opportunities
  • Speed-Networking Through Video Chat
  • Virtual Expo Hall With Your Favorite Exhibitors

Two Ways To Attend:


– Join us LIVE and Attend Sessions of Your Choice, Visit our Virtual Expo Hall, & Network With A Community of Your Peers.

– Join us LIVE & Gain Access To All Brink Sessions Via Recording.  Your Recordings Will Live In An Online Course Format To Be Accessed At Any Time

*Webpage For Recording Will Be Available On 11/5/20

*All Attendees Have Access Throughout The Weekend To Brink Movement & Education Sessions

Meet Our Speakers and View The Weekend Schedule Below

Friday, October 3rd 

Kick off the weekend with our opening keynote, round table discussions & and evening speed networking event!


Speed Networking event

Friday, 4 – 7pm 

How it works:

All it takes is a click of the “Connect” button on our networking platform and you’ll be connected with another attendee or presenter for a private chat – almost like in person, but, y’know…virtually!

You’ll have 5 minutes to chat and connect before the window closes.

Meet people from all over the world and expand your professional network!

Saturday, October 3rd Session Roster


Marimba Gold-Watts: 

Running a Mom and Pop: the Challenges and Successes of the Ultimate Partnership

Kelly Kane:

Unveiling Your Super Hero Powers

Jennifer Cochran

Burnout to Balance: How to Stay Ahead of Burnout and Create an Environment of Communication.


Jessica Vann: 

Evoking Joy: Leading Authentically for Impact, Equity, Inclusion and Diversity. 

Erika Quest: 

Owning Your Voice, Value & Vitality

Lisa Guilott: 

Social Media YOUR Way


James Crader: 

Welcome Home: Tools & Tips to Find Your Way Back To a Healthy Happy Self

Kira Lamb:

Intentional Movement for an Empowered Life

Jared Kaplan:

Showing up is ALL the Battle


Leah Stewart : 

Successful Business Pacing

Beth Sandlin:

The Collective & Individualized Experience of Trauma

Martin Reid:

The Blueprint of your Business


Tasha Edwards: 

Pushing the Top off of the Box of Perfection

Jess Valant:

Getting The Most Out Of You Tube

Ashley Chubrik:

Social Media YOUR Way

Sunday, October 4th session roster


Fatimeh Pahlavan: 

Legal Toolkit For Maximizing Social Impact 

Trent McEntire:

Biohacking Your Potential

Kelly Hale:

How To Avoid Letting Trauma Take Up Real Estate in Your Brain & Body


Daryl Sneed:

Making A Difference From The Inside Out 

Scout Driscoll: 

8 Steps To Brand Clarity

Michelle Duvall:

Building An Online Community


Paula Marie: 

Problem-Slayers Attract Clients

Stephanie Benton:

Creating an Aligned and Lucrative Online Wellness Business

Howard Polansky:

Personal Financial Flexibility


Misty Lynne Cauthen: 

Reframing REST: Learning to Value the Other Four-Letter Word

Eduardo Placer: 

Your Story, NOW

Amy Kubanek:

Beyond Mindfulness

Taralyn Nunziata:

Leading Your Team- Know Your Value, Live Your Value, Lead Your Value

Brink Movement Library

Access Movement & Supplemental Classes All Weekend in the Expo Hall

Be sure to visit our movement library in the expo hall to move yourself & Support your teaching throughout the weekend. 


*All classes below are included in the recorded online learning platform. 

Abbey Parsons: Mat Flow
Allie Greene: It’s What’s Inside That Matters
Allison Zang: Hustle Or Flow
Becky Phares: I Got Cues In Different Area Codes; A Pilates-ish Mat Class
Chris Ruane: Getting Unstuck With Hanna Somatics
Claire Sparrow: Finding Whole Body Balance Starting With Your Pelvis
Corinne Even Martinez: The Magic Circle
Hilary Opheim: Finding Your Confidence In Teaching The MatWork
Ilaria Cavagna: Posture From The Ground Up
Jeanne Reilly: Yamuna Body Rolling
Julie Driver The Pilates Pause
Julie Van Leer: No Props, Just a Mat
Kala Fletcher: Deepen Your Appreciation
Katy Lush: Atomic Movement: The Magic Of Micro Mat Moves For Stand-out Teaching
Labriece Ocshner: Keep Your Mat Class Moving
Laurette Ryan: Feel Good Pilates; A Tool For Anxiety And Depression Management
Leilani Miller: Happy Hips
Lisa Reynolds: NEW TITLE
Lynette Rasmussen: Are You Getting The Old Shoulder?
Mary Dellanina: Movement As Medicine
Meg Aris: Inside The Cage; A Path To Personal Freedom
Melanie McGray: Move With Less Fear
Michelle Leach:
Nicole Raglan: Movement Reset
Paula Marie: Afro-Pilates
Simmone Cser: Let It Flow
Sarah Alysse Rosner: Harness Mindfulness
Tami Lysher: Mindful Movement For All Ages

Brink Learning Platform

What’s Included in the recorded version of Brink? 

In addition to all of the above, You’ll receive the following sessions when you purchase the recorded option of Brink.


Emerging Stronger with Ashley Chubrik
Your story, NOW! with Eduardo Placer
Addressing Fear Post Pandemic with Lucie Becus
How to Run a Profitable Business with Howard Polansky
Legal Toolkit For Maximizing Social Impact with Fatimeh Pahlavan
Success without Social Media with Raven Mardirosian
Getting the Most Out of YouTube with Jessica Valant



is a dynamic wellness and movement motivator who offers education for your brain, body and business through coaching, health and wellness offerings, and keynote speaking.  This balanced alignment of the brain, body, business trifecta is the platform from which Jenna helps hundreds of fitness and wellness professionals access mindset shifts, physical resiliency and empowered individuality in their practices.  Jenna is a seasoned Pilates Educator and has evolved her small business from a multi-purpose movement center, to an online movement educational hub and professional support system for wellness pros.  Jenna hosts online support programs, tours internationally with her speaking and coaching courses and hosts her wildly popular podcasts, Pilates Unfiltered™ and Moving Experiences™.  She currently runs a private coaching and teaching practice in Chicago’s North Center.


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