BRINK Guest Expert Speaker Agreement - Jenna Zaffino

Now that you’ve had the chance to tour our virtual venue and meet some of your fellow presenters, it’s time to make it (even more) official.  Please fill out the form below to sign our speaker agreement.  This document will map out expectations of your role within Brink, and serve as your official entry into the affiliate program. 

Much Love,

Jenna Zaffino, Founder

  • “BRINK2020”
    An Online Event, Presented by Jenna Zaffino/Radiant Creations
    Dates: June 5 - 7, 2020

  • Title Of Talk: The Basics

    • You agree to participate as a “Featured Presenter” for BRINK 2020
        • One, 45-60 minute presentation
        • One, 15 - 30 minute follow up Q & A Session following the presentation
        • One, 30 minute Live Roundtable In The Virtual Expo Hall
        • Possibly an Instagram Live Broadcast to promote BRINK 2020.
    • We both agree that we are working together to provide professional support strategies to the attendees of Brink 2020, an audience composed of wellness and movement professionals.
  • Technical

    • Jenna Zaffino/Radiant Creations agrees to provide all back-end coordination and production for this event, including technical guidance and support for your presentation, recording of the session, website, email reminders to participants, billing, etc.
    • Jenna Zaffino/Radiant Creations reserves the right to adjust scheduling of the presentation as well as other promotional acts at our sole discretion and agrees to communicate in a timely manner surrounding all scheduling and organizational items.
    • You agree to provide Jenna Zaffino/Radiant Creations with any and all handouts, additional breakout session times, virtual expo hall materials and/or support needs for your presentation.
  • Compensation

    • After event expenses are covered, 20% of the proceeds earned will be divided evenly between the original contracted speakers for Brink 2020 Live.
    • As a Featured Presenter, you will receive a unique affiliate link to share with your audience through social media, email and weblinks. Any tickets purchased using your link will earn a payment of 20% of the cost of the ticket purchased for the live event only.
    • You agree not to request any compensation from Jenna Zaffino/Radiant Creations for this event in the future.
    • You will receive an email list of the attendees.
    • You will receive a recorded file of your presentation at the event.
    • You will receive access to the event in its entirety and may attend any and all sessions with the exception of sessions that happen during your presentation time.
  • Intellectual Property

    • The material you share in your interview is, and will remain, solely yours.
    • Jenna Zaffino/Radiant Creations owns all rights to the recordings and any additional content we create for the event, with or without you, including any and all derivative works.
    • You release Jenna Zaffino/Radiant Creations to use your name, image, likeness and voice.
    • Jenna Zaffino/Radiant Creations may repurpose, re-sell, and re-use your presentation recording indefinitely, and without compensation to you.
    • You will be provided with a copy of the recording of your presentation. You are free to repurpose and reuse your expert interview recording indefinitely as long as you aren’t selling it. We ask that you identify Jenna Zaffino/Radiant Creations and the Brink 2020 by one or more of the following:
        • Links back to the event’s site (see URL below)
        • For social media: # hashtags or @ mentions, depending on which is appropriate
        • For video or images, an overlay with the hashtag and an image caption or link below any video in the video description which includes the event URL
        • For reference:
            • The official event site is:
            • The official hashtag are: #brink2020 #bewithmeatbrink #thisishowibrink
            • The official @ mention should be directed to jennazaffino or Jenna Zaffino on FB, LinkedIn, Twitter or other relevant social platforms
            • The official Event title is: Brink 2020: Time For A Breakthrough
          • Marketing

            • You agree to provide, in a timely manner, all resources such as promotional photos, logos, bio and other materials that help Jenna Zaffino/Radiant Creations to promote you and your expert presentation
            • Resource requests for day of event must be received by 5/6/20.
            • The full promotional period for the event is between 4/28/20 and 6/1/20.
            • Registration is open to the public on 4/28/20
            • As an affiliate of the event, you agree to help promote.
                • Jenna Zaffino/Radiant Creations will support your efforts by:
                    • providing emails that can be tailored appropriately to fit your communities
                    • providing content which can be used to promote the event to your social media and other audiences, which may include promotional images, text, audio and video
                  • You have the option to participate in real-time/live portions of the event; you must abide by the schedule we create and agree upon
                  • You have the option to provide a free gift and/or a paid offer for the audience through our virtual expo hall.
                  • If for some reason you are unable to make the above noted marketing commitments, you agree to contact Jenna Zaffino/Radiant Creations at to make alternative arrangements
                • Authority, Indemnification, Governing Law

                  • You represent that you have full right, power, and authority to make this Agreement and to perform all the provisions thereof
                  • You acknowledge that Jenna Zaffino/Radiant Creations shall be entitled to the recovery of any and all damages as well as equitable relief in addition to such other legal rights or remedies Jenna Zaffino/Radiant Creations may have, as Jenna Zaffino/Radiant Creations may deem appropriate, in the case that any breach or alleged breach of this Agreement may occur
                  • You agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Jenna Zaffino/Radiant Creations from and against all claims, losses, expenses, damages, and liabilities of every kind including reasonable attorney’s fees arising out of the inaccuracy or breach of any provision of this Agreement and/or its negligence or willful misconduct. You expressly release Jenna Zaffino/Radiant Creations from any and all claims arising out of the use of the material.
                  • This Agreement shall be governed in accordance with the state of Illinois, United States law, constitutes the entire Agreement of the parties, and may be amended only in writing.
                  • Should any portion of this Agreement become illegal, invalid or unenforceable in any jurisdiction, that shall not affect:
                      • the validity or enforceability in that jurisdiction of any other provision of this Agreement; or
                      • the validity or enforceability in other jurisdictions of that or any other provision of this Agreement


is a dynamic leader who offers education for your brain, body and business through professional coaching, movement experiences, writing, and speaking.  The balanced alignment of the brain, body, business trifecta is the platform from which Jenna helps hundreds of fitness and wellness professionals access mindset shifts, physical resiliency and empowered individuality in their business practices.  Jenna is a seasoned Pilates Teacher and Educator and has evolved her small business from a multi-purpose movement center, to an online educational hub and support system for wellness pros. Motivated by her own personal recovery from professional burnout, Jenna hosts online support programs, tours internationally with her speaking and coaching courses and hosts her wildly popular podcasts, Pilates Unfiltered™ and Moving Experiences™.  She currently runs a private coaching and teaching practice in Chicago’s North Center.


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