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Be Your Own Best Client Video Intro

Become Your Best ClientWelcome to "Be Your Best Client!"  In this video series you will have the support to Walk Your Talk, Set Up Your Support Systems, Get Out Of The Inner Circle Of Your Industry, Include Play and Rest Into Your Weekly Workload and Celebrate Your...

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Be Your Own Best Client Video 1

Become Your Best ClientI’ve found that the best way to achieve authenticity in your work is to treat yourself like your most valuable client.Print this card and paste it to your mirror for daily encouragement!Ready to dive into a FULL SUPPORT PROGRAM?To celebrate our...

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Be Your Own Best Client Video 2

Become Your Best ClientThe myth of being a contractor or owning a business is that it’s all up to you.  I learned the hard way that this belief can only lead to burnout. Through establishing the type of support we need, coupled with some stealth strategies of how to...

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Be Your Own Best Client Video 3

Become Your Best ClientThe best way to be innovative in your thinking, and creative in the application of your work, is to supplement your expertise by exploring other areas of business, communication, and growth.  I’m not talking about going through additional...

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Be Your Own Best Client Video 4

Become Your Best ClientWhen you’re trying to build your practice or your business, the element of play can quickly drop on the priority list.  Researchers tell us that play can add joy to your life, relieve stress, supercharge learning, and connect you to others and...

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Be Your Own Best Client Video 5

Become Your Best ClientWhen you’re an entrepreneur or independent contractor working tirelessly towards your goals, it is easy to let the milestones you’ve reached pass you by without acknowledgment.  While throwing a huge party for each achievement may not be in your...

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